Geek Tech Live EP 41 Modern Warfare Prestige Edition Unboxing Video

I normally don’t do video podcasts but I felt I had to as Infinity ward has wrapped a whole lot of awesomeness into a very cool package for Call of Duty Fans! Not only do you get the lastest game Modern Warfare 2 but you also get fully functional Night vision goggles!

MW2 prestige edition

along with the above set is a small book with artwork and a code to download the classic cod maps and games. I was so pumped about this I went straight for the Goggles.

at $150.00 for the numbered MW2 prestige edition it isnt cheap but rarely is awesomeness this cheap!

I even got a good view of what things look like thru the goggles on cam. A buddy at work also bought the prestige edition and since he is a hunter he is really looking forward to finding his tree stands a bit easier this year.

So please check this unboxing out! They are a bit on the small side for Large humans ( read Adults) and they are not over the glasses friendly. but all in all a very nice pair of Night vision goggles for the price and a very cool game as well.

My Gamertag on Xbox live is Xanaduguy send me an invite and lets jump into the action!

You can get even more information and read more about MW2 at infinity ward’s website here  Infinity Ward did a review on their site of the game as well. check that out at

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Next on Geek Tech Live…. Ep 42 will have a review of the Shure SRH440 head phones and much more. and back to the archaic Audio only podcast. sorry to all you people who could not listen to me because of the video. Everything will go back to what we call normal here at GTL in  4 days or less… just you wait! Episode 42 is gonna rock!

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Geek Tech Live : Geek Tech Live EP 41 Modern Warfare Prestige Edition Unboxing Video

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