Geek Tech Live Ep 48 Nook Fail Steve Jobs Islate foursquare and Gowzilla plus viewer mail

Welcome to the post Christmas Geek Tech live Spectacular! Episode 48 for December 26th!

Barnes and Noble Nook EPIC FAIL!!!

Barnes and Noble Nook

So Lets start out with our Epic Fail of the Week the  Barnes and Noble Nook.  I am not a media Mogul, obviously since I am not on network TV nor am I even working for the hallowed Revision3 or G4tv or being that as it may I still know one or two things not to do when creating something new and giving it out to customers…. makes sure it can handle the traffic if it becomes an overnight sensation. You only get one shot at this especially when you are talking about going up against the kindle. but it appears a surge of download requests over the 25th jammed the B&N net tubes and left Nook users high and dry with nothing to read… All attempts at downloading an ebook on the 25th  , even by those who got their Nook early,  were greeted with a “Queued: Will complete shortly” message. Not cool. Barnes and Noble.. Hear this well. consumers arrant going to stand for this. in this economy of 5 seconds of fame and rapid fire news and information. people are not going to be “ok” with this level of service. I was almost going to get a Nook…. now I am going to wait and see if Barnes and Noble can not only rectify this sufficiently but also keep things on a steadily improving course.  On Christmas Day you don’t want your precious new Gadget to not work. especially if its not a lack of batteries but a lack of servers at the manufacturers that are able to send you your 1’s and 0’s so you can read your book.  wow…. Epic fail at an Epic Date ( at least in the states ).

ISlate, ITablet… I Claudius?!?!?

Steve Jobs Islate Itablet apple

Lets move on to a more happier moment in time… say January 26th? are you free? I hope you are because we all have a date with Destiny! the Apple tablet, or cure for cancer or something even cooler will be announced by apple January 26th!  Steve Jobs is soo excited and happy he only took a salary of one US dollar. ok we all know that this is just a nicety as he is making a lot more cash by just being Steve Jobs but if you listen to the song being played I would say we are coming to the bridge and its going to be a solo of Epic proportions… and not in a Fail way.

The big rumor right now is this whole new Domain name that cropped up called that was bought by Apple in october. rumor has it the tablet is the slate and the slate is the tablet… and the worm is the spice of course! what this all means to you and me is apple is again working the smoke and mirrors machine and is going to try to use misdirection again to in the end show us exactly what they are planning. either way even if you know whats coming it will be pretty cool to see it unveiled …finally.  the Media event as I said will be held on January 26th at the San Francisco  Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.  rumors again here but Apple rented a stage at the Gardens and is expected to use this venue to announce a new product.  of course Apple and the Yerba Buena Gardens failed to comment on those rumors.  Wouldn’t you be surprised if they said..  “oh that? yeah we are going to showcase a new device the Islate… we bought that URL and then the Jobman is going to walk on water..  its gonna be a great party..” yeah… I don’t think they are going to be anything less than tight lipped about this until it happens. My only complaint is that I am stuck in the Midwest with no way of getting to the event… of course I also have not been invited either but that is just a small hurdle to jump.

From epic Fail to Epic possible Win and now to an Iphone app for cruising the mall…. FastMall. This little app came across my attention lasers  while perusing  the Tagline for this iapp is the following … and I quote

” For millions of mall shoppers finding a desired store, restaurant or restroom from a directory kiosk can be nearly impossible and terribly frustrating. Multiple levels, ever-changing retailers and crowds of people can all add up to making mall shopping much more difficult than it’s worth. ”

Now I don’t know about you but I don’t really get lost in malls that often… of course I don’t go to the Mall of Merica either and that mall I bet I could get lost in. Fastmall has over 30,00 unique stores and more than 250,000 stores overall. the database holds approximately 1250 Malls currently as news ones are being added on a weekly basis. you an even request a mall to be added by emailing via email. Now I guess there are times you may need this. but here is where my interest fails on this app… the app itself is free but the maps range from 99 cents to 2.99. this just doesn’t seem like a good pricing scheme as for me personally i know the malls I live near pretty well and if I just take the time to walk them once I will uncover any new shops that open with very little effort. This app isn’t for me but if what I said sounds interesting take a gander at the app store or For more information, visit Or go directly to iTunes and download FastMall now:

Foursquare vs Gowalla!

Foursquare or Gowalla, isn’t that the eternal question? well now has chimed in on the location based game,social network, game app. these apps allow you to find and connect with friends and then shout out locations via the app to show where you have been and garner prizes like badges or pins for accomplishing stuff. create to-do lists for friends. has a great article doing a face to face drag down, no holds barred tag team cage match to show you the differences and which you should choose.
And for me I chose Foursquare since I had seen some recent tweets that were geotagged and were from people using foursquare in my city. Alas, if you are like me. non of my friends on my address book or on face book or following me on twitter were actually using foursquare. so for me the app is a bust as it doesn’t help me in the slightest. now if you have a group of people using either of these apps the possibilities are endless.  I will post a link to the foursquare vs Gowalla image breakdown list in the show notes. but if you are interested… find the one that your friends do and join in the fun!

Foursquare vs Gowalla features

Listener Email!

So we have an actual email from a listener slash fan of the show!!  Mark  F. Kofwards of Maryland writes:

” I have been a loyal listener for a while now, how do you get your reviews and can I request stuff to talk about or review?”


First of all thanks for writing in!! you are number one extra awesome first writer! that aside. if you have any tech you would like reviewed or if you are in a PR firm or know someone who can get me a lead on any technology revews please just email me at . Even if you just want to drop me a note and request something to get on the show I will air your letters as well as answer them!

Thanks for the question!  I am actually toying with a discussion board for geek tech live.  I am currently  on at . join me there for all my tweets and be my friend… wont you be my friend? please?

I am of course on Twitter as well! Follow me @geektechlive

This brings us to the end of another Geek Tech Live show! I would like to thank all the loyal listeners for making 2009 a great year… Year of the Geek! My next  Show will be coming from the Future! January 2010 ! see you then everyone! bye for now!

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