Recording Light is on for GTL Episode 46 shhhhh

Coming up in this episode:

  • Google and Facebook want to shorten your URL’s
  • Apple Allows plain old 3G Iphones to record video.. yay?
  • Google Phone “nexus One” launches January 5th
  • Part 2 in series of  “So you really wanna be a podcaster?” ( and yes I moved the really around)

I would also like to say I have been doing a disservice to the listeners and downloaders by not fixing my show schedule. going forward the new schedule will be the following:

Recording Friday or Sat nights…

Upload new podcast on Sunday nights for the new week.

Episode 46 will be my last willy nilly upload. That way you can listen to me on your way into work on Monday morning… and who doesnt want to listen to me on a Monday Morning! 🙂