Im a rockstar in my own head!

Well, episode 51 is live. I had to do 2 takes of the show since I was nursing a sinus headache during recording. Sorry if I sounded less than my normal exhuberant self. I didn’t want to miss a deadline I have been very good at hitting for you guys. Hopefully the quality didn’t suffer too much.

You may have noticed a few changes around these parts recently. New website ,better audio, more reviews even. In 2010 there has been thought to even taking geek tech live to video. I just rounded on 30k downloads for the first 50 shows and the majority of those downloads were from the last 3 months when I started taking this hobby more serious. This whole show is put together by just yours truly. So if it sucks I have only myself to blame. By the way, I really appreciate the fan support. I hope the next 49 episodes will be even better.

Happy listening / viewing? The show !!

Head Geek and Host