Thanks and teasers

I wanted to thank everyone for the follows on Twitter and all the kind emails about what I am doing here at Geek Tech Live. Knowing I have fans like you makes me work even harder to get you a quality program out every week.
Again, please subscribe to my feed, email me from the link on the main page, comment on anything you see here or subscribe to the show via email. I want to empower you to contribute to the dialogue.
The site is coming along nicely now. Still some nooks and crannies needing work. Rest assured I am on top of it. I want to make 2010 the year of the geek and I need your help!

As a teaser. Next episode I will be devoting to an indepth review of this wonderful device from vtech. The 9181 Wi-fi internet radio.
I also have in the works a review of the mozy cloud backup service.
Once the final touches are done on I will also be doing an interview of the co-creator of the theme I am using called headway. You can read up on them at their website Best 80 bucks I have spent in a while for ease of use web app design tool.

Well that’s all for now. The next episode is in the works already. While you’re waiting check out all the other episodes at or Geek Tech Live at Mevio

Thanks again and Happy New Year!