Geek Tech Live 58 Android Apps google buzz new cameras free energy clothing and SEO

Geek Tech Live 58
Ok people, I am back from Vegas and we have a lot to cover so lets jump on in. 
I found an article detailing seven cool new android apps. I have been called a bit of an Apple fanboy so to show that I am somewhat unbiased here are seven cool and Free android apps to download
  1. Floating image
  2. Google Skymap
  3. Google Goggles
  4. Talk to me
  5. Moviefone
  6. Android Lightsaber (pictured below)
  7. Bubble beats

android lightsaber
 I talk a bit about each and give my opinions on them as well. If you try these out I would love to hear from you. Just leave a comment at my blog at Thanks!
I then moved on to talk about Google Buzz and how Executive VP of Product Management at Google Bradley Horowitz stated that Buzz was never meant to rival Twitter or Facebook. I go on a bit of a soapbox talking about this one.
Next are two cool camera offering from Sony and Nikon. Sony is only a concept thus far but if it goes to production will be a very cool adition.

sony DSLR concept
The Nikon has a very neat Articulating arm on the viewfinder screen. Very cool tech if you ask me!
Nikon Articulating arm DSLR


Then I move on to free energy clothing? Well sort of caltech researchers have been able to make solar cells that could be woven into fabric so we could eventually have pants taht charge our Iphone 7G’s I guess. Assuming it all comes together and can be marketed and created on a big scale this may be a great leap forward for getting solar energy to the masses.
Finally I touch on SEO or Search Engine Optimization. A company out of the UK called SEO Consult has some free tools and one that  shows you “what google sees” when Google Crawls your website.they have the following free tools:
  1. keyword density checker
  2. keyword suggestion tool
  3. link popularity checker
  4. handy meta tag generator
 Well thats it for this episode. You can Fan me on Facebook right from I am on Twitter at @geektechlive and as always I look forward to your comments on the blog at

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Geek Tech Live : Geek Tech Live 58 Android Apps google buzz new cameras free energy clothing and SEO

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