Geek Tech Live 63 Neptune Aquacontroller and WD 2TB World Book review and IPad rant

Geek Tech Live Ep 63

Welcome Again to another installment of Geek Tech Live! Episode 63 for the Week of Sun March 28th 2010.

In this episode of Geek Tech Live

  • Cool aquarium gadget Neptune Aquacontroller.
  • WD World book 2TB Home storage Solution.
  • IPad Sellout?

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Cool aquarium gadget Neptune Aquacontroller.

So, Most of you by now know I am a bit of a salt water fish nut.  I
tweeted my new 120 Gallon in wall tank build I am doing a few days
ago.  I want to pull the trigger on a neptune systems Aquacontroller
for the tank. This little black box not only will allow you to monitor
your temperature and pH of the water but also control up to 200+ pumps
or wave machines or what have you. Now here is where the gadgety
goodness come in. The controller has a built in Web server! Yes you can
monitor your tank remotely anywhere where there is Internet and a
browser. and it will even send you emails if there is any issue!  Oh
God I am such a Dork! Here are the nitty gritty details of the Neptune

System Includes:

  • 1 – Apex Base Unit
  • 1 – Apex Display
  • 1 – EnergyBar 8 Power Strip
  • 1 – Temperature Probe
  • 1 – Standard Grade pH Probe


  • Ethernet Interface
  • Embedded Web Server
  • Only controller with web browser Monitoring, Control & Configuration.
  • Email Alarms


  • Most expandable Controller (Up to 240 modules, hundreds of probes, and thousands of controlled outlets).
  • Simple menu driven Configuration: No program language knowledge required.


  • Simulates sunrise/sunset
  • Simulates moon cycle
  • Wave Maker and Random timed cycles
  • Built-in Variable speed pump control
  • Still water feed mode (multiple modes)


  • Monitor/Control Temperature, pH, and ORP
  • Digital Calibration on all probes
  • Seasonal temp & lighting control
  • Flexible Control Options

pH Probe

  • Precision of +/- .01
  • 10` coax cable
  • Sealed Ag/AgCI reference.
  • Standard BNC connector

For more information Check out Neptune Systems Website, or Marine where I love to shop!

WD World book 2TB Home storage Solution.

I had the opportunity to set up and test out a My World Book 2TB
Home storage solution by Western Digital. It comes with a built in
Ethernet port as well as some cool features. The 2TB size will cover
even the most demanding Anal Retentive backup aficionado while all you
mac users out there can now use Time Machine on it so it does double

Hard Drive that could really can. From my limited testing so far (I am
setting this up for a friend) I can tell you this much. This drive has
features. not only is it a USB attachable drive but it also has an
Ethernet port so it can go directly on your network as a Network
Attached Storage Device. It can act as a Media Streamer as well as
Automatically backing up your windows and Mac on your network.

The cool thing about the 1 gigabit Ethernet port is that if you have
wireless( and who doesn’t except tech Luddites? ) your 2TB drive is
fully accessible while you roam your house!

In Playing around in the Admin web interface I found that you can
schedule downloads directly from the device. The location can be a URL
or a torrent file location for easy download-ability. So you can
effectively offload all downloading to this little device and leave
your PC for more fun things like games and Facebook farming. All in all
this Networking storage solution seems to have it all and the price
wont hurt your wallet either at under $300 buck at most retailers. I
saw it for as low as $275 at Amazon as of this writing. So if you are
looking for a cool little device to store all those pictures or
recipies or what have you. I think this definitely fits the bill. For
more information check out the WD website.

IPad Sellout?

No, I didn’t pre-purchase one but I would be remiss if I didn’t talk
about this. As of yesterday while I was enjoying coffee and banter with
some friends posted an article stating that the IPad
actually sold out for opening day. Estimates are 500k have been sold
thus far sight unseen or touched or even looked at other than in Steve
jobs hands. I just have to say this: Unbelieveable. I am an early
adopter but really, if I cant see one or touch one I wait a little bit.

Well, that’s it for this edition of Geek Tech Live Episode 63 . See
you all in a week or so. Until then follow me on Twitter at
@geektechlive  or on my Facebook page at .

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Geek Tech Live : Geek Tech Live 63 Neptune Aquacontroller and WD 2TB World Book review and IPad rant

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