Microsoft’s Courier ‘digital journal’: better than Ipad?

This morning had  a breaking news story about Microsoft’s new Courier device. Engadget broke the story here. But the basics are this:

It will run an operating system other than Win7, most likely CE6. The device will incorporate an e-book reader as well as built in camera and it folds down to the size of a 5×7 photo. The whole device is based around handwriting recognition and will feature searching against any items in memory via pen stylus and show results in a sort of blog like format.  kinda nifty.

so is this a contender to the IPad?  If you hop over to the Engadget article and look at the video…. it just might be. and it does have something the IPad doesn’t. Handwriting recognition.  I think it looks like a pretty good contender at the very least.

I think we are now going to start seeing the emergence of more of these devices from other vendors soon.  The two big players are now in it its only a matter of time until we be seeing a Google Gpad or a Asus PPD13 (personal pad device 13″)?

Happy reading!

I will be covering this in my weekly podcast #60 which will be going live in under one day.  I hope you can wait that long Internets. 😉