Geek Tech Live Ep 65 The Owl box youtube to dvd DP-SLR by SmallHD and Makrolon

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So what do we have here this week? Well I have decided to change up
the format of the show a bit and shorten things down to smaller nuggets
of wisdom. Todays Technology news and some cool geek info all in little
bite sized nuggets for your brains. (no I am not a zombie)

The Worlds Smallest, Lightest, and Toughest True HD Field Monitor the DP-SLR by SmallHD.

While I was recording the show the price was unveiled for this truly awesome device.

the 5.6” diagonal, 1280×800 resolution display delivers 270 pixels per inch Starting at $899

This device will be a great step forward for HDSLR filmaking and
other high end broadcasting.  they will be at NAB in Vegas  on April
12th. at NAB Booth# C11124

Product Details Available April 12th at

DVDVideoSoft Launches Free YouTube to DVD Converter

yes Virginia, we do make interesting programs. At least its free! now
you can burn those YouTube Videos you like to a DVD and send the dvd to
friends who live under a rock or in a cave. read the full story here.

Coming from Alien Technology: Makrolon® will save all Stadia in the world!

at least how it reads to me. this stuff is the stuff everything else is
made of. its like the stuff that the food replicators in star trek used
to create any type of food only this stuff can make stadiums. well, if
you are in New York from April 26th thru the 28th and you can get into
the International Stadia Design & Technology Expo 2010 drop me a
line and maybe some pictures.

The Owl Box! now in Ustream Goodness!

If you love birds and especial Owls then you need to check this live camera out! The Owl Box
is a live feed of a few baby barn Owls being born and now growing up.
it is the most awesome display of Internet and Nature EVER! A Great
Article was written about it at

Thats it! I hope you liked the shorter more fun format! I Will be back
really soon with more Geek Nuggets to pass along to you.

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Geek Tech Live : Geek Tech Live Ep 65 The Owl box youtube to dvd DP-SLR by SmallHD and Makrolon