Geek Tech Live 73 Learn Android, Archos 7 Android device, AR by Tagwhat and Apture WordPress Plugin

Welcome to Episode 73 of Geek Tech Live! In this episode I talk about

  • Archos 7 Android powered  Tablet
  • Augmented Relality for Android by Tagwhat service
  • Learn Android Development at home with
  • My Favorite WordPress Plugin. Apture!

The Archos 7 Android Powered Tablet is finally here.

So, If you were a hold out and Said ” I dont want an Ipad, Android is for me” well your wait is over. The ARchos 7 is here and it is bringin a big game changer to the tablet market. Not only is it Android powered but it also is priced at half the cost of a similarly decked out Ipad.  Here are the Specs:

Up to 44 hours of Music playback, weighing in at 0.8 pounds and equipped with 8GB of Flash Memory. It comes pre-installed with a few apps like Aldiko for book reading, eBuddy for IM and DailyPaper. It’s only Wi-Fi but the price cant be beat at $199.99! The Archos 7 also has USB ports for syncing with other devices. You can now Pre-order the device at Amazon right now! Click here to get your Pre-Order on!

Augmented Reality App by TagWhat Service

TagWhat is a new Service that is now Available for Android ( and IPhone) that will take your social Networking to a new level.

In essence TagWhat will take your current Social networking apps like Foursquare, etc.. and wrap them in a nice Augmented Reality blanket all snugly and warm. Users can show the location they are at and then post snippets of their thoughts about that location. When you look at a view of a street where someone has posted that snippet TagWhat then overlays that information in an augmented reality view. pretty awesome really. Augmented Reality is still very new and it will definitely need some on-boarding by larger audiences to really catch on but this is definitely a great step in the right direction. Retailers are looking at Augmented Reality as a way to leverage more sales as they can post sales of their products and even prices updated immeditely online. You could walk past a clothe store and find out if jeans were on sale and possibly even search inventory to see if they had your size in stock. All without even walking in the front door! Now that is pretty cool!

Learn Android Development At home with

If you now have the Bug to write your own Android app but dont have the time to go back to school or Take night classes then may be your ticket to success! EDU Mobile released a press release recently stating the following:

“EDUmobile.ORG has launched their Android Development Training Program that teaches candidates via Online Video, One-on-One sessions and Weekly Worksheets. The course teaches Android development from start to finish over a 10 week period. Candidates may learn at home at a time convenient to them. Android offering has been introduced by EDUmobile after having launched their flagship and very popular iPhone Training Course – which has successfully taught over 200 candidates.”

Head on over to and check out their class schedule for more information. You may just be the next Millionaire App maker!

My Favorite new Plug-in, Apture for WordPress and other Blogs too!

I came across Apture for my Blog while on Danny Browns Website. He uses it there and actually just posted a blog entry on his favorite WordPress Plug-ins.  Apture is just extremely easy to use and very cool to see in action.  I can link things like my Twitter stream and if you click on that link it will take you to but if you hover over the little icon next to it you will see my actual twitter updates pop up in a little window. How cool is that! now you can check my updates and not have to leave  Oh, and the bar you see at the top of my Blog as you scroll? yes that is Apture too! you can share anything you see on my site now very easily by just using those links I am providing to you via Apture. If you have a Blog I highly recommend taking a look at Apture. it really is very slick.

Well, Thats it for this episode of Geek Tech Live. I can be found on Facebook , I have a fan page on Facebook as well and you can Like me by using the “like” button in the sidebar to the right. Oh, and Like I said before , I am on Twitter as well . Talk to you all soon!

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  1. Hey there mate.

    First, thanks for the shout-out and glad you're liking Apture – agreed, very cool plug-in.

    Second, I'm going to have to check out the Android features. I was looking at iPad, but now… 🙂

    1. I know! I have an Ipad and well, i technically could have two of those Archos 7 devices… oh well live and learn and buy cool new shiny gadgets!

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