Geek Tech Live 77 Ozzy on Xbox, Xm on Android, Lost on blu-ray and DODOcase for IPad

This is Chris your host and Welcome again to Geek Tech Live where “you get a serving of Geek Twice a week!”

in this episode:

  • Play MW2 with Ozzy and Jack
  • Sirius XM app for Android now Available
  • Lost: The complete Collection coming to Blu-Ray
  • Ultimate Ipad Case fit for a DODO.

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Play MW2 with Ozzy and Jack

This update is Short but Sweet, and by Sweet I mean Awesome! OzzyOsbourne will be on Xbox Live on Tuesday June 8th Between 4pm and 6pm ET. Ozzy Will be Playing Modern Warfare 2 ( MW2) with his son Jack and you can play along and double tap both of them. Look for GamerTag Ozzy GwF. Ozzy promises to “disintegrate each last one of you” I am not sure how big of a Gamer Ozzy is but I think  if he really is holding the controller he may be in for a surprise. Join him Online and find out!

Via “The Feed”

Sirius XM app for Android now Available

Got an Android Phone? Tired of Pandora? Already have Sirius XM? well then this is for you.  Sirius XM has released an Android Client finally. You will have access to all 120 Channels of commercial-free audio. The app can stream the music over Wi-Fi and Cellular connections so you will never be without.  It has the ability to mark your channels as Favorites and the cool thing for Android users is that you can multitask so you can listen to XM AND do something else on your phone at the same time!

There is no charge for the app to access the channels. You must however be a Sirus XM premium Online subscriber to listen to any channels using the Interwebs which is an additional fee. non-subscribers get a seven-day trial though to check it out and see if you would really like it or not. Its very easy to add to your current Sirius XM subscription too.

Lost: The complete Collection coming to Blu-Ray

If you need to go back and rewatch Lost to try to figure out the plot then this is for you. August 24th the Lost: The Complete Collection will be released on Blu-Ray.  price is $280 bucks and here is what you get:

• Every Episode in the Series (Seasons 1 through 6)
• Over 30hrs of Season 1-6 Bonus materials (previously released materials from Season 1-5 and the all-new Season 6 bonus material)
• A unique series of featurettes that takes viewers on very personal tours of Oahu where the series was created, with key cast and crew as they reflect.
• Exploring the global phenomenon that is Lost, bonus showcases events ranging from the series cast and crew at San Diego’s famed Comic-Con convention to international voice recordings, local events and even fan parties, all of which helped make the show into a worldwide favorite.
• A closer look at some of the props with cast, writers and producers, exploring their significance, stories and emotional ties to the characters.
• Humorous yet emotional look at every character who died on the series
• 16 hilarious Lost “Slapdowns” featurettes showcasing celebrity Lost fans who confront Executive Producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse to ask press questions about the final season, including the Muppets and cast members Nestor Carbonell, Michael Emerson, Rebecca Mader and more.
The exciting collectible packaging also includes: a Special Edition collectible ‘Senet’ Game as seen in Season Six, a custom LOST island replica, an exclusive episode guide, a collectible Ankh, and a black light penlight.

Ultimate Ipad Case fit for a DODO.

Move over premium case maker Vaja. There is a new Bird in town and its a DODO.  Inspired by Moleskin Pads DODOCase for IPad just looks fantastic. its exactly what you are looking for to carry around your Ipad and look like you got Class. a Bamboo frame holds the Ipad in the case and cutouts allow for button and charger earphone access. All this awesomeness is yours for only $50?! i would have expected it to be much higher than that! They are so popular there is a little bit of a wait so if you think its cool head on over to DODOcases and get your name on the waiting list…. behind me that is!

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