Geek Tech Live 83 Icurling from, Podcast Madness and Comic Con 2010 plans

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in this episode :

  • Icurling from review
  • Podcast Madness continues with prize code word. Win some cool prizes and listen to great shows!
  • Ramp up for Comic Con in San Diego

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Icurling from review

I just recently tweeted that I liked the sport of Curling and I do. I’m not lying. There are two sports I will stop my channel surfing for and one of them is Cricket and the other is Curling. So, when I got followed by and asked if i would like to demo and review their new iCurling app for the IPhone I couldn’t resist.

The Game itself is pretty straightforward. Get the closest to “home” with your big shiny granite rock.  Now I know what you are thinking… ” he loves curling, so he is going to biased” . Not so! while I love the Game I have seen some good and bad implementations of such a simple game. Here is the break down:

Controls Strightforward
Clean design
Bright colors
Lots of Gaming for very little price

Only one setting for computer opponent
Background music gets old fast
Not a huge amount of settings

Now here is where the majority of those cons goes away. The game is only .99 cents! even though at times the computer opponent doesn’t make great choices I found myself addicted to playing this game. It even looks good on the Ipad. At the time of this writing I also just tested it on the new IPhone 4.0 and iCurling looks somehow even cleaner than on my old 3G.

The game is played in “turns” where you choose the power of your throw and also the rotation “curl” of the stone.  Sometimes the most simple games are the most satisfying to play.  Hard Core curling enthusiasts, you will find the game lacking a bit but I did not get tired of it.

I give it 4 out of 5 Geek Thumbs up. Find out more at or download the game from the Itunes app store right now for only .99 cents.

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Summer of Podcasts

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Ramp up for Comic Con in San Diego

So, ask you may have heard me state a few times I am going to be in San Diego for Comic Con 2010 from July 21st Thru 26th. I have the preview night tickets as well. I will be trying to Podcast from San Diego Comic Con and I have been prepping what I will be using.  The new IPhone 4.0 with 720p video will help for some documentation. I will be doing a review of my new Camera the Canon 7D very soon. I am getting my bearings again on a full manual DSLR again after a few years.

So, are you going to Comic Con? Do you have any favorite panels? Favorite places to eat? Email me at ComicCon2010 (at) geektechlive (d_o_t) com and let me know! This is my first trip to San Diego and my first trip to Comic Con. I am looking for any advice. Maybe we will even bump into each other at the Con.

So, are you tired of waiting for me to say the Podcast Madness Code? Really just want to get your name in for the next drawing? Well the I guess i can tell you. but shhh! dont tell anyone else. Whisper{“you are my favorite.”} The Secret Code word is….[Listen to the Show goofball]

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