Geek Tech Live 78 LOTR Online MMORPG, Canon 5D video, Jetstar IPads, Amtrak Gets Wi-Fi

This is Chris your host and Welcome again to Geek Tech Live where “you get a serving of Geek Twice a week!”

in this episode:

  • Lord of the Rings Online Goes live soon.. play for free?
  • Canon 5d Rocks! 24 hours in 19500 frames video
  • Jetstar Airways is first Airliner to rent in-flight IPads
  • Amtrak joins the twentieth century and adds Wi-Fi to trains.

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Lord of the Rings Online Goes live soon.. play for free?

Yes you heard me right. The LOTRO game will be free to download and free to play online. Now  in reality they are actually calling it “Free-to-play” which really means that you seem to get a slightly hobbled version of the game. 100 Swords? Well you get less than that. Premium content? Yeah that will cost you. Expansion packs? Again, yes. You will have to pay for all that with “Turbine Points”

from the beta sign up site:

Free-to-Play opens up more choices and options so you can play your way. When LOTRO Free-to-Play is available, you can download the game for free and start playing without a subscription or even a credit card. Earn free Turbine Points as you advance your Hero and adventure throughout the massive world of Middle-earth. You can spend these points in the LOTRO Store to access hundreds of convenience items as well as expansion packs, premium content, potions, character-customization options, and more. If you choose to, you may also purchase Turbine Points in the LOTRO Store.

From skimming the FAQ on the LOTRO beta sign up site I t also seems that the LOTRO store will be available at any time during the game and will contain health potions and “convenience items” for sale. So no more running to the nearest city to camp for the night or rest and regain Mana? where is the fun in that?

If you think this game sounds interesting head on over to and sign up for their beta

Canon 5d Rocks! 24 hours in 19500 frames video

Many of you may not know this but I am a photography nut. I am infact even a College Graduate of Photography School. I am not using my Photography degree for my job but I can tell you this, Canon is my favorite choice of camera and part of that reason is the 5D Mark II.  I cant justify one for myself since the body alone will set you back a clean $2500.00 with Tax for the body with no lenses, but the photography that it can spew out when in the right hands is fantastic!  The season Finale of House was actually completely shot with a Canon 5D Mark II actually, so if you are wondering if a DSLR can do HD quality video you have your answer.  As I was researching canon cameras for myself to get one close to the 5D Mark II ‘s quality ( I did just buy a canon EOS 7D ). I came across this awesome video posted on by Sal Cangeloso I completely agree with the Title of the post as well “Another reason why the Canon 5D rocks: 24 Hours in 19500 Frames”. According to Sal the video is a look at the 24 Hours Nürburgring race.  so if you love cars, racing, movies and photography you will love this video!

Head on over to to read the post and bask in the Video from the canon 5D Mark 2.

Jetstar Airways is first Airliner to rent in-flight IPads

The Aussies are just an awesome group of people. they got Crocodile Mick Dundee, a cool looking opera house and a line of outback steak houses in the USA too! now they can add one more cool thing to the Australian arsenal of Awesome. (AAA for short).  Quantas Budget carrier Jetstar Airways will be testing out a new IPad rental system for inflight movies and entertainment. Any flight longer than 90 minutes will get you the option of renting a Ipad for AUD $10 ( approx $8.40 US). so you can view movies and probably surf the internet as well I would assume. JetStar did not go into great detail on what would be offered but I would assume it wont just be for Movie playing in flight.

Amtrak joins the twentieth century and adds Wi-Fi to trains.

I love riding on Trains. Wherever possible I try to take a train. this is just one more reason to give Amtrak a try if you ask me.  Based on a three Month trial Amtrak is making Free Wi-Fi available on its High speed Acela Express trains that runs between Washington DC and Boston. Amtrak is also planning on expanding this offering to the rest of the line as well. The Wi-Fi service is called AmtrakConnectSM and based on usage stats gathered by Amtrak, about 115,000 passengers have logged-on which translates to 39% of ridership of the Acela Express. The next lines to get the Wi-Fi upgrade will be the California Routes in the Fall of 2010 and then the Northeast Regional service routes. The only thing potentially slowing them down is if there is a lack of funding.

Lets all Welcome Amtrak into the Twentieth century!

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