Geek Tech Live 82 Podcast Madness, PS3 Plus,, My Two E3 Game picks

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  • Listen for your Podcast Madness prize code. Win some cool prizes and listen to great shows!
  • Launch of PlayStation Plus… does it add?
  • Cameras – The New Weapons In Fighting Poverty.
  • Two Games I am looking forward to from E3

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Listen for your Podcast Madness prize code. win cool prizes and listen to great shows!

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Summer of Podcasts

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Launch of PlayStation Plus… but does it truly add?

Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCE) announced that it will offer PlayStation Plus, a new subscription service package on PlayStation Network. In addition to the current free to use existing features and services, PlayStation Plus brings value-added offerings including exclusive services and content worldwide on June 29.

Well, what does the value add really mean to you and me?

  • PS+ ( ) members will be able to play the full version of designated PS3 downloadable and PlayStation Network titles including PS one Archives and minis (excluding Japan) with no limit of time as long as membership is effective. These games will become available for PlayStation Plus members at no extra cost.
  • Content such as avatars and dynamic themes, many of which are exclusive, will become available, as will early access to designated new game beta trials, game demos and video content prior to public distribution – both available within subscription fee.
  • Members will have access to exclusive discounts on designated PlayStation Store titles. Titles will vary every month on PlayStation Store.
  • Members can also access full game trial where they will have access to full versions of designated PS3 and PlayStation Network titles. The titles on offer will be available for download on PlayStation Store for a stated period and change every month. After the trial period expires (expiration dates will vary by content), users will be able to continue playing the game by purchasing the game on-line**.
  • PS3 will automatically download and install designated game demos and game updates and also download the system software update data (requires user agreement to install). PS3 will automatically start up at a designated time to download content and will turn off after the download has completed.

So it looks like there is some interesting additions for a price but is the price set well? Prices I found were all in British pounds at 11.99 as a starting price. We will just have to see what it has in store for us.

via PRWeb

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Cameras – The New Weapons In Fighting Poverty. is unlike many charity initiatives. Instead of asking for your credit card or spare coins they ask for photos of what you love. Users view peoples’ loves from around the world and advertising on the site raises much needed funds for the global water charity WaterAid.

This is a really cool idea if you ask me. Everyone seems to win here. You get your photos posted online to share, that raises funds for charity and stays in business. Its a trifecta of awesome. founder David Smerdon, 35, from Brisbane Australia says, “Most people want to do good but don’t have the time or money to regularly contribute. is a daily celebration of what we love, to help the 884 million people worldwide who don’t have access to clean water and sanitation. The site always has interesting content and visitors are intrigued by what the world loves.” was founded in February 2010 by David Smerdon. After 15 years working in advertising agencies he wanted to use his powers for good. Contact David for further information or an interview at dave(at)shareyourlove(dot)com. Any images can be used from

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Two Games I am looking forward to from E3

There were two games I was looking forward to hear more about at E3.  Portal 2 and my new favorite Bulletstorm.

You probably are already at least a bit familiar with Portal 2 as it took the gaming world by storm a few years ago. Portal 2 is set in the future and from what I saw online its going to definitely push the envelope of thought provoking game play.  A new Coop mode and all new challenges await. And from what heard, portal 2 will have a lot of game testing under its belt before it goes on sale so it will definitely be a fully fleshed out game and should appeal to almost any gamer level.

The other game that really caught my attention is Bulletstorm. This game looks really interesting to me. Its got some new game play and a good merging of a few great game styles. Lots of interaction in the game world as most everything can be used to destroy the enemy. It really looks interesting to me. Check out G4tv’s preview of BulletStorm and tell me what you think.

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