Geek Tech Live 80 Podcastmadness prize code, just Psoop it, xbox 360 slim at E3 and Futurama premiere

This is Chris your host and Welcome again to Geek Tech Live where “you get a serving of Geek Twice a week!”

in this episode number 80:

  • Listen for your Podcast Madness prize code. win cool prizes and listen to great shows!
  • “Just Psoop It!”
  • Xbox 360 Slim at E3? Maybe.
  • First 90 Seconds of Futurama Season Premiere are here!

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Listen for your Podcast Madness prize code. win cool prizes and listen to great shows!

Its the Summer of Podcasts and Podcast Madness is in Full effect! If you go to and use the uber secret contest code word I will only say in the podcast itself and nowhere else. Once you hear me tell you the contest code word for podcast madness I want you to go directly to and use that code to enter into the drawing to win some fantastic gifts like Amazon gift cards, Tshirts, Newegg Gift cards  and more!  I’m giving away a 25 dollar Gelaskin Gift card!  So listen in for the super secret word and enter to win some fantastic prizes and listen to some great podcasts!

Summer of Podcasts

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“Just Psoop It!”

Ok I could not pass this up. As I am reading through some of new releases I came across this and had to share. Who knows this could be the  “next big thing” on the Internet.  is popularizing the Phrase “Just Psoop it!” to encourage Online Advertisers to post classified on their site.

This new phrase “Just Psoop it!” is starting to be picked up by SEO webpreneurs more and more.  Russel Gabiola, a webpreneur who specializes in SEO asked, “Have you heard the phrase, “Just Psoop It”? No, it’s definitely not from a popular sports brand. It’s the new trend in the marketing world. It’s a way to tell people how to advertise their products and businesses online. A year from now, will probably be the biggest name in the Classified Ads Industry, well at least, that is what the company is hoping for.” is a start-up website that offers an easy way to promote products and businesses online. They may even be the next Craigslist. so if you want to see what Craigslist 2.0 looks like head on over to and check it out.

So, are you tired of waiting for me to say the Podcast Madness Code? Really just want to get your name in for the next drawing? Well the I guess i can tell you. but shhh! dont tell anyone else. Whisper{“you are my favorite.”} The Secret Code word is….[Listen to the Show goofball]

Xbox 360 Slim at E3? Maybe.

RUMOR RUMOR RUMOR! Next Xbox will be slimmer tighter looking and much more Boxy and it will be unveiled at E3! Maybe.  Ubergizmo has posted an article detailing the unconfirmed rumors of an Xbox 360 Slim at E3.  Since Playstation 3 Slim was already released it only seems natural that Microsoft releases their take on the slimmer sleeker fresher faced Xbox 360 now with less? in this case less really IS more as it seems from the pictures at that the Slim Xbox 360 mock up pictured has some Extra USB connectors and some other docks, etc… Granted its only a mock up but still is interesting.  I will definitely be keeping an eye on E3 this year for more news about this.

First 90 Seconds of Futurama Season Premiere are here!

Oh My! Comedy Central has the first 90 Seconds of the season premiere of Futurama in over 7 years up to watch! They are back people! They are back!  Fry, Leela, Zoidberg and the crew are back after a 7 year hiatus! has it really been 7 years? In two weeks the new season of Futurama will begin. Comedy central will be posting countdown to Futurama post every weekday until the premiere and they are texting Futurama updates out as well if you txtthe word  FUTURAMA to 44686. Sweet!  the One hour season Premiere of Futurama will air Thursday June 24th at 10pm/9 central so after a grueling day of picking up your shiny new Iphone 4.0 you can relax and bask in all the Futurama Goodness!

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