Geek Tech Live 87 Apple hates Lefties, Comic con 2010, Podcast Madness and Bill Nye and BP oil

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In this episode :

  • Apple Press conference. Will they plead guilty to hating lefties ?
  • Comic Con Plans are ready steady GO!
  • Podcast Madness continues in July. I can tell you how you can win.
  • Bill Nye Explains the BP Oil containment cap.

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Ok Apple, Enough! I love ya but really you just need to get this stuff fixed. When news of a press conference where Apple may give Iphone 4.0 Sufferers a “free Bumper” or case or who knows what other rumors over shadows the BP oil spill, the economy or worse yet Comic Con 2010 I have an issue. Can we just get this resolved and move on? I mean Even Jeremy Clarson of Top Gear  has made fun of this issue with reception.

Consumer reports has even weighed in on the fact that they “cannot recommend the device” because of the signal strength issue. Thankfully there will be a special press conference on July 16th to address something. We just dont know exactly what Mr. Jobs is going to do.  Crazy rumors of a Recall have even surfaced. We will all just have to wait and see what is going to go on and hope and pray we can get back to some semblance of reality as I need to learn more about Comic Con 2010 in San Diego!

Comic Con Plans are almost ready

So, Are you going to the Con? San Diego Comic Con 2010 is going to have some great panels and great Cosplay I think.  I can confirm that Mythbusters will be having a panel Moderated by  non other than Chris Hardwick from or @nerdist on Twitter.  I will try to get at least one Podcast out during the Comic Con Adventure.  I will be taking lots of Photos and I will post them up on my Flickr account at

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Podcast Madness continues in July. I can tell you how you can win.

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Bill Nye Explains the BP Oil containment cap.

Well thank gosh for this one everyone. I personally was hoping Bill Bye would be asked about this. Bill was kind enough to create a mock up using a soda bottle and some rubber tubing and show exactly what BP were trying to do in  very straightforward and easy to understand terms. The catastrophe needs to be resolved.  Watch the Link or the embedded video below. via article

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