Geek Tech Live 88 My Comic Con 2010 Adventures

This is Chris your host and Welcome again to Geek Tech Live where “you get a serving of Geek Twice a week!” except during Comic con.
In this episode :

  • San Diego Comic Con Bliss.
  • Preview Night Badges are Sold out for SDCC 2011?
  • Pick my new show name

Grab a Coffee, Jump on that Treadmill and turn up the volume! Its time for Geek Tech Live!

San Diego Comic Con Bliss.

This was my first time at the San Diego Comic Con. I have to say I was not fully prepared as I had hoped. I had purchased the Four Day Pass and gotten my preview night ticket and my hotel was not too far away to be able to walk to the Con. I thought I had things mostly under control but now I know a few things.

First, As a Podcaster/Blogger I should have gotten a Press Pass. I think I could have seen more and It also would have gotten me in the right state of mind to be able to do interviews etc. It also would have made me realize that the recording equipment I did bring was not sufficient enough to conduct proper interviews. Live and learn.

Second, My recording device and Iphone recorded audio for crap so I did not do any interviews. As I said above, I only brought my handheld recorder and my Iphone. Both of which did crap for recording peoples voices over the throng. too much background noise.

Third, Preview night is nuts. figure out what you want then get in line…. I meandered a bit too much and was just plain impressed by all the pretty lights and colors and Sci-fi and aliens and well, you get the picture.

Fourth, Any day after preview night makes preview night look like no one showed up for preview night. I thought it was pretty busy and crowded for preview night. that was nothing compared to the rest of the Con.

So, I thought we could get to Preview night and it would be a cake walk to get in line, maybe see some celebs, try to get some free swag and maybe either a Galactus or Ecto 1. Boy was I wrong. Madhouse barely covers it. Pictures cant convey the eye candy splendor that is Comic Con 2010. I walked in and was pulled in all directions by all the shiny new toys, comics, giant screens playing Star Wars, and Superheros everywhere. To say the least i was a bit overwhelmed and initially did not know where to go or what to look at, there was just so much to do and see and it was AWESOME!

I let the throng of people guide me through the cavernous hall. I had assumed (quite wrongly) that there would be a lot of Cosplay going on. There were a few people who did dress up but nothing like what i was going to experience the next few days. As I wandered the floor for the first few minutes I just could not believe that I was actually here at Comic con 2010. I had always said I should go to this event but it took 37 years before I actually did it. First stop was to see about the limited edition Batman figures with limited run Sinestro and Black Lanterns. We found out that that the line was a drawing to be able to be in the line to buy them. If you have not been to Comic Con before there is a lot of just that. You need to stand in a line to pick a ticket out of a hat to then determine if you can stand in another line to buy the limited edition product or get the ability to meet and greet people like Stan “the man” Lee ( someone I did not get to meet ). So next stop was the Mattel booth to get my hands on the Ecto 1 Matchbox car. The line for the Ecto 1 can only be explained as Epic so of course I stood in it. By the time I got to be near the booth I found out that the “end of the line” was already decided on and that we were behind the end and therefore would have to stand in line more tomorrow. UGH.

With that decision pretty much decided for me I wandered to the big name Comic makers DC,Marvel and Dark Horse. They were giving out free comics and so I nabbed as many as I could to read later and put them in the bag we got as we entered. I got to walk right past Blair Butler and Say hi to her. By the time I have wandered around and just got the lay of the land it was time to call it a night and prepare for Day one of Comic Con 2010.

Day One

I thought I could get to the Con a bit early, say an hour or so before the doors opened and get into some Panels. Oh boy was I wrong. I totally missed out on Chris Gore’s “That Chris Gore Show” panel and “X-Play Live” and relegated myself to snapping some pictures of the Con goers. I got to see a lot of leotard wearing super heroes this day. I slowly walked through the rest of Con and Talked to some Booth owners at a few different areas and asked about some cool artwork I also stopped at the Gelaskins booth where I got a sweet Umbrella Academy Skin for my Iphone. And took a good portion of the Cosplay action going on.  The day Ended with me being too late to get into Penn and Teller and by that Virtue Too late to get into the BBC America Screening Panel for  Doctor Who and Being Human. Ok Day one was mostly just taking it all in.

Day Two

Ok so, today I had a plan and I was going to stick to it. I wanted some autographs, wanted to see the Caprica Panel and Stargate Universe Panel and also see if I could find a few Internet Identities such as Rachul Moore or Beau Ryan. I lined up to Hall 20 at 7:30 am for the 10am opening and I Was still sitting outside and at least a thousand people back… wow. I did actually get in and Get to see the Caprica Panel and Stargate Universe. I had to make a supreme decision on stay for Big Bang Theory or get in line for some Autographs as I was unsure of the process. So, I admittedly left to head for the Sails Pavilion. My buddy I traveled with Stayed on in Hall 20 to bask in the glow while I snuck into a few lines to get some autographs of stars from my youth.

I was able to get autographs from Gil Gerard, Erin Grey and Dirk Benedict this day and it was good. Batman the Red Mask was playing that evening and The night ended on Day two with me feeling like I did accomplish something even if I did not get to see Raychul Moore or Beau Ryan or Chris Gore in person. oh well.

Day Three

Day three of the Comic Con 2010 Extravaganza and I was now ready for my Hall 20 Marathon. I saw the Following Panels, Chuck, Family guy who did a live reading of an episode, The cleveland Show which also did a live reading,  Futurama which ALSO did a live reading of a special episode.  I have to say that I was giddy with excitement. Seth MacFarland doing Stewie and Seeing Billy West and Katey Sagal voice the Characters of Fry and Leela and Zoidberg was Fantastic. I was planning to stay until the Simpsons and Fringe made their appearances but I got a text from Raychul Moore Stating she was just out of a panel and had some time to meet up. I hurried down to the floor and eventually found her dressed as Kraytos and her friend as the Main character from Assassins creed. Raychul was very awesome to talk to but we were limited on time and she stated she would be more than happy to be on the show sometime so we exchanged information and I went on my way happy I had met someone I only saw online and she was interested in being on the show.

I got some more Comic con picture taking done and moved to  get into line for the Mythbusters panel… I was able to score a seat only 7 rows from the front pretty much on luck alone.  Chris Hardwick who I have really enjoyed seeing on Web Soup on G4tv as well as Gadget Pron on Attack of the Show was moderating the Mythbusters panel and I knew putting those two together was going to be fun Squared with a Double Rainbow all the Way! I recorded a small portion of video of the Panel and posted it up on Youtube where Adam talks about Comic Con 2010, Boobs, working as a Mythbuster and Gets Jaimie to almost sing an answer to Chris Hardwick.

And thus that ended Day Four for me with a nice Steak dinner at Donovans

Final Day

Sunday was a short Day and all I did was Take some pictures, Grab some more goodies and Autographs most especially of Chris Gore! yay!  The Con ended and we all filed out to the Streets.

I hope My Daily log of what I did and what I messed up will help everyone plan better than I did for their First Comic Con. Next year I will be going back and I will be better prepared and it will be just as better or maybe even a Double Rainbow Con, or whatever the current Awesome Meme is that is going on that Month. Long live Stabby Con! Speaking of Photos, I have a few up currently at my Flickr site at Just click the link to the ComicCon2010 Collection and bask in all the Cosplay goodness!

Preview Night Badges are Sold out for SDCC 2011?

Not much to say here but well if you didnt buy your preview night passes at Comic con 2010 then you are not getting in. not much more about that.

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