Geek Tech Live 86 Sony PSP 2? and Crackdown 2 Review

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In this episode :
•    Sony Begins working on a Mobile Device? SonyPad?
•    Podcast Madness continues in July. I can tell you how you can win.
•    Crackdown 2 still addicting after 4 years?

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Sony Begins working on a Mobile Device? SonyPad?

It was only a matter of time before Sony threw its hat into the ring for a new Mobile device. They haven’t had the greatest luck so far with their trials and this one seems to try to make everyone happy, which by standard definition will make non of us happy.  The basic feature-set of the new Sony device will be an ebook reader, gaming console and a netbook?  I am all for convergent devices and if done right they can be great. I think that at first glance of the patent that has been floating around the net seems a bit on the light side of functionality. Some people have been dubbing it the PSP2 but it seems to be a PSP/iPad hybrid ish thing. Sony’s trademark it registered was named playview, so your guess is as good as mine at this point for what exactly this new Sony device will actually do. The reason I am skeptical on the whole usability factor is that Sony has already stated that it will play “games on Optical disks”.  Helloooo the 80’s called and they want their Discman back. Who uses optical disks in a portable device anyways? for me personally I don’t want to be lugging around a portable gaming device AND all the games AND the charger, etc… make it fit in a pocket and run the games people want or its just going to be about a functional as the old LAN parties were. We only lugged the PC’s together because we HAD to if we wanted to be able to play with our friends and not have any lag. Now with Xbox live and Sony’s Playstation network we don’t need to worry about that and I am not filling my trunk with my Desktop and Monitor and a linksys switch so I can play my starcraft. In the end we will have to just wait and see what Sony will be delivering as an end result. The new direction Sony is going could really take them far.

Podcast Madness continues in July. I can tell you how you can win.

It’s the summer of Podcasts in July and Podcast Madness has changed the game a bit.  Every week in July a different set of Shows will have codes that will be given out. Its a win-win situation for everyone. You get to find some new and awesome shows and you know which shows to listen to for your special code words each week.  So without Further Ado here is the full show list and links to the Shows themselves:

Now-July 7

TPN Weekly Podcast <>
Midwest Wasteland <>
Totally Cool Tech Podcast <>
Meet The Talkers <>
The CaffiNation Podcast <>
Video Game News Radio <>
SDRNews <>
Tech TalkSvenska! <>
Kevin’s Oblast Radio <>

July 8-14

Practical Amateur Radio Podcast <>
Geek Tech Live <>
Mike Tech Show <>
Sports Unleashed <>
Tech Rage News <>
Indie Radio Chattanooga <> Radio <>
Technorama <>
Geekazine <>

July 15-21

CS Techcast <>
Moxie Mo Show <>
Cleveland Sports Radio <>
The Force Field <>
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July 22-28

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Go to and use the secret word to enter yourself in the drawing to win some great prizes!

Crackdown 2 is it as good as the original?

ok, I grabbed my copy of Crackdown 2 the day it went on sale and fired it up. Here is my take on the game thus far.

  • Game mechanics

I was a little disappointed that the game mechanics were not better than the original . The original crackdown has a few issues one being aiming and the other driving that could eventually drive you nuts.

  • Game play

If you were a fan of the Original Crackdown, and you probably are if you bought this. You will not be saddened at all. If you longed for the next agility orb ping effect you will not be upset at all. if you, like me froze mid run when you hear the faint sound of a nearby agility orb for the taking you will adore this game. Its like the developers heard the gamers whine there weren’t enough orbs to collect and they upended a huge tanker truck of Orbs across the city! The fun doesn’t stop there though as there are more than the old standard of two orbs. there are renegade orbs which are just plain fun to chase and there are Coop only orbs which are again there to foster team play.  Both highly addictive.

In this new Crackdown there is the addition of a zombie element and let me tell you there is nothing more fun than powering up your UV blaster and burning some Zombie hides! the cool thing is that the  “freaks” come out at night and the normal human “Cell” are out by day so you get twice the game play and twice the actual missions it seems.  You also need to play your missions around the day night cycle it seems as well. as if you storm a Freak lair during the day they are all waiting for you cuz they hate the sunlight. IF you go at night there are less of them to take you down.

  • My Take

If you liked the Original Crackdown, you are gonna like this game. the 4 person Coop is fantastic and there are so many agility orbs this has a possibility for a good long game play. I give it 4 out of five geek high fives.

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