Comic Wallet Giveaway Contest Spidey vs Green Goblin *CLOSED*

Greetings Programs! I have been pondering the idea of running a cool Geeky contest for a while now. I knew I had to find something great for the giveaway and it had to have True Geek cred (“True Geek” Patent pending)…  😉  . Well, Here it is. Comic has graciously donated an awesome wallet to be given away by yours truly right here and right now! Read on to find out what it looks like and how to win this one of a kind Comic book art shaped in the form of a wallet!

Inside Art

Comic Wallet Contest inside

Outside Art

Comic Wallet Contest outside

Ok, so this is how the contest works. If you want to be entered into the random drawing for the Spiderman and Green Goblin Comic Wallet you need to do the following:

  1. leave a comment at the bottom of this post and only this post.

    • You will need to leave your name and email (which is not published) in the comments.
    • I would love it if you would add in a website if you have one and most especially a comment to let me know how you like this contest. I mean it is a contest based on Comments so why not leave a comment.

THATS IT. Just  Leave a Comment at the bottom of this post to win!

This contest runs until Friday August 20th at 8PM CST. At that time I will be taking all comments and running them through a random drawing checker and picking the lucky winner.

Thanks in advance everyone!

Toronto Fan Expo

By The Way if you didn’t win….

Comic will be at the Fan Expo in Toronto Canada from Aug 27th thru 29 to sell over 300 wallets all made from Comics! How does one go about Making a Wallet from a comic book you ask? Well, here is how!

“Each Comic Wallet is made from a page of a real comic book and laminated front and back with a clear adhesive plastic. The interior is reinforced with a strong fabric adhesive. Wallets may appear in a “raw” state on the listings, this is done to get the best possible detail from product pictures.”

Questions? Comments? Email :comicwallet at or Twitter: @comicwallet

Thanks for Playing everyone and may the lucky commenter be YOU!


Comments were closed as of 8pm CST… and the winner by Random drawing  was a commenter by the name of Laughinghyena and a URL of

Congrats Laughinghyena! The email address you attached to the comment was sent to and they will be in contact with you to send you your new Spiderman Vs Green Goblin Wallet!