Geek Tech Live 90 New Name, Twitter Tips, Blackberry Torch, Npower PEG and Podcast Madness

This is Chris your host and Welcome again to Geek Tech Live where “you get a serving of Geek Twice a week!” except during Comic con.
In this episode :

  • Name my New show!
  • Twitter Tips, find relevant people to follow
  • RIM Shines a Torch at Android and IPhone
  • nPower PEG Charges things while you move around
  • PodcastMadness continues in August. Get your Codes!

Grab a Coffee, Jump on that Treadmill and turn up the volume! Its time for Geek Tech Live!

Name My New Show

Ok people, I am going to be starting up a new Video Show in conjunction with it will be a division of Geek Tech Live and will primarily be the video source for what your ears have been listening to for the past 90 Episodes.

Twitter Tips, find relevant people to follow

Ever look at your twitter list of people and ask yourself ” who am I missing out on”? Well just recently itself launched a way to find followers called “who to follow”. Once you are logged into your account you just have to choose from a generic search  or target your search using categories, they even have a “find your friends” feature which looks at your email address books for people you may already know that are on Twitter. Read all about it at

RIM Shines a Torch at Android and IPhone

But will the phone Goliaths melt under the bright lights? I don’t know but I would think not as RIM has been only slowly gaining some market share while Android and Apple stole the limelight. An Event Today in New York on August 3rd will officially unveil the Blackberry 9800 a.k.a. the Torch to the world. It will be Blackberries first Slider phone. Now, you also may have remembered the whole IPhone Debacle and information leak problems. RIM gets around all those issues as they pretty much don’t hide anything.  A Chinese video pretty much lays it all out there. don’t worry , you don’t need a translator to figure out what they are showing you of the new slider and OS6. It will be interesting to see where this leads.

The Video has some interesting things in it like the Music player, Podcasts app  and launch by typing feature of OS 6. the Really interesting thing about all this is that RIM just seems to have a very different way of launching devices than any other company. Rather than use mis-information, or conferences to obscure information. they just make a device and then release videos and pictures on it and then look at you funny when we all kind of are sort of not super excited about something that is already pretty much a known factor in the consumer space.  the only unknown is how it will actually function in the real world.  for that we will have to wait and see.

nPower PEG Charges things while you move around

Now this is a cool device! very green and very cool. It converts Kinetic energy to electricity to charge your devices when you are waaaay away from an outlet.

From the site:

The nPower® PEG is a small, lightweight device that recharges your hand-held electronic devices from the kinetic energy you generate while walking, running, or biking. Just place your nPower® PEG in your backpack, briefcase, or purse and go about your daily activities. As you move, your PEG will continuously top-off its internal battery providing you with extra power when you need it. –When you’re on the go. And, if you’re in an emergency situation, shaking your nPower® PEG will give you the ability to call for help or get in touch with a loved one.

The World’s First Personal Energy Generator

The nPower® PEG gives you power to recharge your cell phone, iPod, or other hand-held device when you need it most –when you’re away from the grid.
The nPower® PEG:

  • Charges over 3,000 hand-held electronics
  • Charges through kinetic energy generation
  • Stores energy for later use

The nPower® PEG includes:

  • nPower® PEG personal energy generator
  • USB cable for charging from your computer or USB wall charger
  • iGo® cable & iGo® adapter pack to connect the PEG to your device

PodcastMadness continues in August. Get your Codes!

Its the Summer of Podcasts and Podcast Madness is in Full effect! If you go to and use the uber secret code word i will tell you you can win some great prizes. Once you hear me tell you the contest code word for podcast madness I want you to go directly to and use that code to enter into the drawing to win some fantastic gifts like Amazon gift cards, Tshirts, Newegg Gift cards  and more!  So listen in for the super secret word and enter to win some fantastic prizes and listen to some great podcasts!

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Summer of Podcasts

While you are at and you use the secret word to enter yourself in the drawing why not stick around and listen to some of my podcasting friends like BitnappingTV, Cleveland Sports Radio ,Cross Driven Radio , CS Techcast , Day in Tech History , Flash Past , Geek Of The North and many more!

I just got back from Comic con 2010 and  I have a few cosplay pictures up currently at my Flickr site at Just click the link to the ComicCon2010 Collection and bask in all the Cosplay goodness!

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