Geek Tech Live 92 Playboy on Ipad, Fire on the table,Excalibur Online Beta, Comic Wallet Contest and

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In this episode :

  • Playboy on Ipad minus the nudity
  • Put some fire on your dinner table
  • Excalibur Online Starts Worldwide Open Beta
  • Comic Wallet Contest runs until Aug 20th.
  • PodcastMadness continues in August

Grab a Coffee, Jump on that Treadmill and turn up the volume! Its time for Geek Tech Live!

Playboy on Ipad minus the nudity

Thats right people, this is not a mis-print. Playboy Magazine, purveyor of airbrushed Pr0n for many decades now will be coming to the Ipad. It was tweeted by Mr. Hefner himself. Which is pretty interesting that Mr. Hefner has any time to tweet anything while he is… ummm.. lets just say busy? For some people that would be the greatest news to hit the Internet since sliced bread. Here’s the catch… no nudity. no nekkid girls, no foldout playmates just loads of articles. Have I made myself clear? You can now truly state you are only reading Playboy for the articles. We all know that Steve Jobs stated that if you want Porn get an Android phone… well Hugh Hefner, wheres the Android App for Playboy? I’m not holding my breath on this one folks.

via 9to5 Mac

Put some fire on your dinner table

Ever want to eat dinner in front of the fire but either dont have a fireplace or worried about setting fire to the dinner table? Worry no more my friends! for the low low price of $719.00 you can get the Apollo Tabletop Fireplace. This little firebox runs on bio-alcohol and leaves no smoke or odor.

To quote the Website store

Carl Mertens of Germany has produced a tabletop fireplace called the Apollo that burns bio-alcohol and would grace any home with its simple, but superbly crafted design. This item has all the makings of becoming a classic, it is not only as innovative as it is beautiful and useful, it also improves the quality of life of those who experience it.

Useful, but also simple to use:
Simply fill the holding tank about three-quarters full, slide the lids fully open and light with a long handled lighter or match. Allow to burn for a minute or two in the fully opened position, then regulate the flame to desire size by closing the lid partially.

The unit will emit light and warmth, but is safe to place on virtually any surface. Wipe the unit clean after use. The Apollo is terrific for creating a romantic and warm ambiance in any room.

Burn time is 3-4 hours. 13.8″ long, 11.0″ high, 4.7″ wide.

So, for a nice romantic dinner and fire you know where to go.

via store

Excalibur Online Starts Worldwide Open Beta

Excalibur Online, the browser based strategy game from Omniverse Games and Radiance Digital Entertainment, began Open Beta testing on August 12, 2010. Players from around the world will finally have the chance to prove themselves worthy of Excalibur as they attempt to unify Britain under their own banner in this classic game of strategy and conquest.

Set in the days just before Camelot and the rise of King Arthur, Excalibur Online is a free to play browser based strategy game that offers players the chance to unify medieval Britain. Players must collect resources and quickly develop new technology in order to build up their cities, maintain powerful armies, defend against invaders, and develop strategies to conquer the entire map. Thousands of players from around the world have the same goal, so it’s a never ending battle for resources and development.

Frequent events and numerous updates are scheduled to be added in the near future. For more information including screenshots, tutorials, forums, and all the latest news, please visit the Excalibur Online website or join us on the official Facebook fan page.

About Omniverse Games
Omniverse Games is a publisher of unique, high quality online games specializing in the free-to-play with microtransaction business model. With offices in both Shanghai and Portsmouth, NH in the United States, Omniverse bridges the gap between East and West, and brings superior digital entertainment from Asia into Western markets. For more information about any of our games please visit the Omniverse Games website.

via PR NewsWeb

PodcastMadness continues in August. Get your Codes!

Its the Summer of Podcasts and Podcast Madness is in Full effect! If you go to and use the uber secret code word i will tell you you can win some great prizes. Once you hear me tell you the contest code word for podcast madness I want you to go directly to and use that code to enter into the drawing to win some fantastic gifts like Amazon gift cards, Tshirts, Newegg Gift cards  and more!  So listen in for the super secret word and enter to win some fantastic prizes and listen to some great podcasts!

BTW.. if you just found out about this now as a new listener.. you can still use old codes from June and July. Go back and find them in my podcasts and you can enter to win using them as well. Its not too late to enter those old codes and win! The drawing for the prizes will be October 14 – 16th  at Blogworld and New Media Expo.

Summer of Podcasts

While you are at and you use the secret word to enter yourself in the drawing why not stick around and listen to some of my podcasting friends like BitnappingTV, Cleveland Sports Radio ,Cross Driven Radio , CS Techcast , Day in Tech History , Flash Past , Geek Of The North and many more!

I have over 100 Comic con 2010 cosplay pictures up currently at my Flickr site at Just click the link to the ComicCon2010 Collection and bask in all the Cosplay goodness!

I am doing my first Contest and partnered up with!

Click here to find out how to Enter yourself in the drawing! It is free and super easy!

Comic has graciously donated an awesome wallet to be given away by yours truly right here and right now! Read on to find out what it looks like and how to win!

Inside Art

Comic Wallet Contest inside

Outside Art

Comic Wallet Contest outside

Ok, so this is how the contest works. If you want to be entered into the random drawing for the Spiderman and Green Goblin Comic Wallet you need to  leave a comment at the bottom of this post and only this post. You will need to leave your name and email (which is not published) in the comments. I would love it if you would add in a website if you have one and most especially a comment to let me know how you like this contest. I mean it is a contest based on Comments so why not leave a comment.  This contest runs until Friday August 20th at 8PM CST. At that time I will be taking all comments and running them through a random drawing checker and picking the lucky winner.

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