Geek Tech Live 93 Raychul Moore drops by to talk Games, Star wars, Comic Con and More!

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My Fireside Chat With Raychul Moore

Ok so it was more of a Skype chat but we did talk about Games she is playing now, Games she is looking forward to, her take on Crackdown 2 , her love affair with Star Wars as well as Comic Con 2010 cosplay and more fun! Raychul is just a wonderful person to talk to and a force to be reckoned with in the Gaming world.  It was an absolute joy to talk to her and I feel very special to have had the honor of her time to chat about all things Geektastic!

Assuming you don’t know who Raychul is… and frankly I assume you have a pulse so you must know who she is. But if you are some Living Dead Zombie or just living in a cave for the past decade Raychul can be found online at, On Twitter at @theRaychul, on Facebook and also check out the Raychul Moore professional profile Linkedin .

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4 Replies to “Geek Tech Live 93 Raychul Moore drops by to talk Games, Star wars, Comic Con and More!”

  1. Nice interview – host called Kinect ‘NATAL’ at the end – that made me chuckle – especially since all the Best Buy’s in LA still have signs up saying ‘Project Natal’ coming this Xmas!

    1. Thanks! Yeah I still think of it as Natal. I mean they changed the name right at the last minute? Thats like Lamborghini deciding that they will call the Murcielago LP670-4 SuperVeloce the ThrustMaster 2000 at the last second. I still like the name Natal better than Kinect.

  2. I accept you Raychul. Seriously though, from a guys perspective. What’s not to like? You’re down to earth, a cute girl and a gamer. Let’s play games. Girls make it a competition between girls. I can’t speak for them.

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