Geek Tech Live 89 UberDorkCafe Explodes into existence!

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  • UberDorkCafe Explodes into existence!

Grab a Coffee, Jump on that Treadmill and turn up the volume! Its time for Geek Tech Live!

I would like to state my mic was a bit on the quiet side for some reason. rest Assured that Natali comes in nice and clear. 😉

Have you ever had the ability to truly be there at the beginning of something big? I missed out on Microsoft and even Comic Con’s fateful beginnings. You now have the Chance though to be a part of something I think that is going to begin as a small pebble thrown into the sea and turn into a Tsunami of Awesome and Doubel Rainbow Goodness. I am of course Talking about Uber Dork Cafe. This is the Brain Child of Natali a.k.a. @UberDorkGirlie on Twitter. She started a page to see if there was any interest in opening a Cafe for Geeks by Geeks and by the Power of Greyskull we came in droves to help! Natali’s intention was to raise $5000 to start the Cafe going and not only has she Exceeded those goals but the money is still coming in from Donations made by you and I. If you havent made a Donation to Uber Dork Cafe you seriously need to do it and do it now. Pause this Podcast and Go to and Donate $1 to $1000 bucks. to make it all clear NAtali does have some very ncie people who really did Donate $1000 to help her realize her goal. You get some nice thank you’s for your donation from pocket protectors with the Uber Dork Cafe logo on it to free coffee to getting a Menu Item named after you if you Donate a sizable amount.

To drive things how about how awesome this Idea is and to get Taste buds a flutter Natali is already baking Deliciousness in the form of Cookies! They are Called Woookie Coookies “SO good they need the extra ‘O’ “:) you can buy a bakers dozen right now from her website at . Oh, did I mention they were Peanut Butter and Bacon Flavored?!?! OH Yes.. yes Virginia there is a God. 🙂

So, if in ten years you want to be able to brag that “you were there” when Uber Dork Cafe took on the Starbucks and won run dont walk to Donate and buy some cookies NOW!!

You can Follow Natali on Twitter at @UberdorkGirlie , the UberDork Cafe has an account at @UberDorkCafe , the Kickstarter page to Donate and be a part of this project is at or link shortened to UberDork Cafe has a Facebook page at and Last but not least head on over to the and buy some Peanut Butter and Bacon Woookie Coookies at

So Without Further Ado. listen to Natali and I talk about Uber Dork Cafe, where it will be, how she came up with the idea and where she is taking the idea thanks to all the people who donated a piece of love in the form of cash.

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