Revelations of a Lazy Geek and turning a corner

Good evening everyone. As I write this I have had quite the week and quite the story to tell. Well, ok it’s probably not that great of a story really but I will leave that up to you to decide.

It all started a week or so ago. I started to notice things. Things I have not noticed up until right now actually. For starters, I just realized I am within a year or two in age with Wil Wheaton and Chris Hardwick. Two very different people mind you. One grew up a child actor and another got his start a bit later on, both though I would categorize as “extreme awesome” geeks and worthy of respect and to look up to. I suddenly got all introspective and started to think about what I had actually accomplished as a geek these past 37 yarons . Both Wil and Chris I think have really embraced geekdom and nerdery and its really paid off for them with what I am now calling “geek cred”. (patent pending)

I realized something in that moment of , well realization… I have become a lazy geek. Not 9 yaron ago I would see an opportunity to flex my geek muscle at anything just to prove I could think around the problem and find a solution. For example, Back when Seti@home did not have semi decent stats gathering or even a decent UI for that matter, I wrote a simple bash script that used lynx to grab your output of work units and parse them with some judicious use of awk and grep and the like. In the end i would spit out raw HTML to create a on the fly updating web page to show how helpful you had been to the uber geeks with the very big radio telescopes. I used to get emails thanking me for showing people an easy way to take ownership of your stats and it made me feel like I had helped people. It was a good feeling. And that’s just one little nibble of the whole pie of how geeky I was prepared to be to show off my Geekery.

Fast forward 10 years. I now host a mostly bi weekly podcast talking about geekery and gadgetry and try to be entertaining as much as I can. I don’t make any money on this. In fact in the few years I have been running the show I have made exactly zero dollars. I do it for the fun actually and a I hope you all can hear that in my voice as you tune in every episode.

But I digress…
Gone is my sparc solaris workstation I used to run on. In fact I had even lost the domain for two years to a squatter who wanted $4000 to give it back to me. I got it back and now I host my site at go daddy on word press the same as Not Moveable Type like I used to because its … easier. Gone is my 4 other machines all running different aging versions of xp,Linux or some micro kernel I was playing with. I have gotten tired of tinkering and I don’t know why. I’m 37 with a beautiful wife,no kids, some free time to play and I can’t seem to squeeze everything I want to do all in to a standard day. If this is what getting old is like I am through with that! I’ll take the wiser part but ditch the older. It sucks and there are scary bits I don’t like.
What I am trying to get out in a very long winded way right meow is that I am aware of my geek complacency as I have aged and just like Alcoholics Anonymous , that is the first step. In my perfect world of Geekdom I would like to leave some kind of mark in the geek world somehow. I have some catching up to do and I some giving back to do as well. Part of this giving back is contained in the contests and giveaways I have planned for you all. The first one being the Comic Wallet giveaway. The other part of the giving back is interviewing people that can make a difference themselves and getting the word out on things like that…a great example is the Uber Dork Cafe interview I just did. I want you to come to not just for entertainment but to be able to leave the site or finish listening to my show and feel something…maybe empowered , maybe energized to help others, something. If I can’t accomplish this little part then is just another flash in the pan kitschy, shallow blog/ podcast / dialog who’s only purpose is to be popular. I mean I want to be popular  but at the same time be helpful and maybe even (gasp) insightful  too.
I’m hoping you can see some of that change over the past few episodes. And I thank you for reading this blog post from the cockles of my geek heart (heh I said cockles).
Now, on with the show!