ShinyLines 12 Days of Geekness Jewelry Giveaway Extravaganza!

Greetings Programs!

As I have said in a previous blog post, I want to use to give back to the Geek community. Part of that giving back is introducing you all to some fantastic small businesses that uphold the Geek Cred I have been going on about for a little while now. And nothing says Geek better than ShinyLines Jewelry and TShirts over at  Take a look below at some of the new Geeky items being offered by ShinyLines on their site.

OK, so on to the giveaway. has upped the ante and will be giving away three (3) total prizes in this contest to three lucky people!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Shiny Lines for donating the three Items below to giveaway to three very lucky people.

Ears to you!

First up , you all know what an emoticon is… well feast your eyes on The Ultimate Earmoticon! One lucky winner will win a pair of these fantastically awesome geeky earrings from Shinylines. These earrings are a brand new offering from ShinyLines and are sure to make any evening out an evening to remember. Show your Geek Cred and wear these everywhere!

ShinyLines Earmoticon earrings Four New Earmoticons Earrings – there are 4 pairs (8 earrings total) but image just shows one of each GeekEmotion : knocked out/dead, surprised/confused, angry/frustrated, happy/blissful

Power up with the New Green PowerRing in Matte or Oooh! Shiny!

ShinyLines is also offering one of the never before seen and just released Green Power Ring in your choice of Matte or Glossy (or as I call it… Oooh SHINY!!) finish.

ShinyLines have been asked for quite some time to make a green power ring to complete the whole set of power rings in their Powerline line of rings. They have been listening to your requests and have released the awesome power of the Green PowerRing to you!

I will also be giving away one of these rings to one very lucky winner. I almost wish I could enter to win myself. These rings ooze with Geek Cred and any Real Geek (Girl or Guy) is sure to want to own one or get their Geek Card revoked!

And Finally, Your choice of a ShinyLines Tshirt

The final giveaway of this Epic Contest is winners choice of a ShinyLines Tshirt. Shiny Lines has some fantastic designs in their arsenal of Wearable Geekitude.

From funny to full on Geeky they have it all. Shirt lines offered are Mens and Unisex, Women and even Geeky infants and toddlers!

If you enter and win the Tshirt drawing you can choose from any Shiny lines Tshirt they make and there are hundreds. So, while you are waiting to win your Tshirt, why not mosey on over to and Check out the full line of shirts here. Seriously, I doubt that you will only find one design you want, and If you cant find something you like, well then you are probably a Zombie and are not eligible to play this contest in the first place. so go find some brains and let the living get on with the winning! Go on then!

Welcome to the 12 Days of Geekness and here is how you can win.

ShinyLines and I are calling this the 12 days of Geekness. Win 1 item every 4 days starting riiight.. now! Leave a comment below on this post with your Name, URL ( if you have one) and your email address… thats it. I will be picking winners by Random drawing at 8pm CST on August 26th, August 30th, and Sept 4th for each of these fantastic prizes. The prizes will be given out in the order of their list on this page:

  • August 26th will be for a pair of Earmoticon earrings.
  • August 30th I will be drawing a commenter to win the Green Power Ring.
  • Sept. 4th I will draw the final comment for the winners choice of Tshirt.

You only need to leave a comment once and you are entered to win in each phase of the drawing. Previous winners will be removed from the drawing, so you can only win once. sorry, I mean c’mon… spread the luv I say.

Good luck everyone and may the luckiest commenter win!!

ShinyLines can be found at the following Destinations on teh Interwebs:

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