Geek Tech Live 96 Parrot AR.Drone is here, Steampunk Optimus Prime and Google Balls

This is Chris your host and Welcome again to Geek Tech Live “Being a Geek for Over 37 Yarons”

In this episode :

  • Parrot AR.Drone is for sale! I for one welcome my robot masters.
  • Steampunk Optimus prime from Encline Designs
  • Google gets ballsy on their main search page.

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Parrot AR.Drone is for sale! I for one welcome my robot masters.

I have been drooling for quite some time over the Parrot AR.Drone and eagerly anticipating its arrival. I asked for a demo unit but I think they just assumed I would never give it back ( and they were right) so I still have not gotten to play with one. but if you were near the following Brookstone locations on September 3rd you could not only play with one but buy one as well!

The 12 stores scheduled to receive the AR.Drone represent multiple Brookstone locations in the following cities:
==> New York Tri State Area (Rockefeller Center / NYC; Short Hills Mall, NJ)
==> Los Angeles (Third Street Promenade; Beverly Center; Glendale Galleria)
==>    Boston Area (Copley; Burlington)
==>    Houston (Houston Galleria)
==>    San Francisco (San Francisco CityCenter; Valley Fair / Santa Clara)
==>    Miami (Bayside; Dadeland Mall)

The AR.Drone combines the worlds of video gaming and radio-controlled models, enabling consumers to recreate a large number of single and multi-player video games in the real world.
The AR.Drone-Pilot Academy at provides multiple videos and instructions that prepare aspiring AR.Drone pilots for flight. It also connects AR.Drone fans from around the world. More information about the AR.Drone can be found at or

It looks like not only Brookstone but Amazon is also selling the device for a meager $299 !! Check out the Amazon page here ( yes its an affiliate link for me ).

via ( )

Steampunk Optimus prime from Encline Designs

I don’t think you can buy this but I had to share. I came across this by accident and it is just frankly amazing. It is made by a company ( read person ) called Encline Designs. Encline Designs does do commission work according to their website and they probably aren’t cheap but with this level of detail its probably worth it if you have the cash to spend. I have been a closet steampunk fan for a while now and it just continues to grow on you. in this case you need two ingredients and a special mixmaster take equal parts Steampunk (the genre) and Optimus Prime (the character), throw them in a mixmaster and set it on “Awesome” and you get the following:

Image courtesy of Encline Designs by way of a article on Encline Designs. It doesn’t get any  more Epic than this people.

Google gets ballsy on their main search page.

if you are like me you have spent at least 5 minutes on Googles front / main/ search page and made those colored balls whiz and whir around and try to click on them and try to drag them and then devolve into yelling at them to giv up their secrets. Ok, maybe that last part is all me but still google isnt giving out any details except for a cryptic Tweet stating “Boisterous doodle today. Maybe it’s excited about the week ahead…” . Umm ok?something is going on with Google and search or a change in how we can search. I am not sure really but if you have any information please leave a comment at and let us all know. Either Way it will happen this week so I guess we just have a few more days before the unveiling from Google.

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