Geek Tech Live 98 Halo : Reach, , Facbook Phone and C64 comes back to app store

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In this episode :

  • Halo : Reach is candy for my eyeballs.
  • don’t forget about
  • Facebook is making a cell phone.
  • Apple takes a chill pill, allows C64 emulator

Put those 2d20 down and turn up the volume! Its time for Geek Tech Live!

Halo : Reach is candy for my eyeballs.

I’m not the biggest fan of what I and a few others will call the Pew… Pew… Jump game franchise. I freely admit that. Granted I am much more a Crackdown or Call of Duty fan but I cant help but really love the newest edition to the Halo world.  I have only played a few parts of the campaign with friends. The Multiplayer  aspect is actually pretty tight too. There are the glitches that I have seen like AI just being a dumbass and not following or getting caught on the wrong side of doors or not getting into the vehicles. And my biggest gripe is the matchmaking. It seems to only work a few times in a row and then you end up having to leave and rejoin to search for more players or sit in limbo for quite some time.  Are you playing Halo : Reach? whats your gamertag? Mine is Xanaduguy . I am also on under the Guise of Geektechlive . Send me a friend request and lets get to shooting!

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Facebook is making a cell phone.

A Techcrunch article by way of techmeme stated that Facebook, just like Google did  is fixing to release a Mobile phone. It seems two of its brain trust, Joe Hewitt and Matthew Papakipos are working on this project but in a more black ops sort of fashion. Other than this rumor that has leaked out albeit on  “accident” there is not much to say. Tech crunch goes into a dissertation of who Mr. Hewet and Mr. Papakipos are and were and what they worked on. I would say that they are more than qualified to do the job. One thing I can say for certain is that if Facebook does release a cell phone, Farmville is gonna run smooth as silk on it.

Apple takes a chill pill, allows C64 emulator.

Apple recently stated it was relaxing its app store rules. I took this with a grain of salt as Apple’s version of relaxation is usually the equivalent of how Mr Woolsey on Stargate Atlantis stated hie relaxed. In one scene in Season 5 Mr Woolsey after being named head of the Atlantis Expedition states he will change into something a bit more comfy and try to relax in his room. Later on you see him “relaxing” in a full suit and tie. Much of how Apple does business can fall into this category.

A few days later after this “relaxation” announcement I noticed that there was suddenly a Google Voice app in the app store. Now, I think we are moving in a different direction. a kinder maybe gentler direction for Apple. The C64 Emulator is finally back! A quick Google of the terms C64 emulator and IPhone turned up a few articles to confirm I wasn’t seeing things.  Daring Fireball, Engadget and yes confirmation by the app store itself shows the C64 emulator and BASIC programming interface is back! The price is only $4.99 unless you already bought it before Apple pulled it the first time, if so true believers… you don’t have to pay again.

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