Geek Tech Live 95 RFID at city center Las Vegas,Batman and Robin sneakers and contest

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  • RFID keys being rolled out at a hotel near you!
  • Batman or Robin Hightops, prepare to max out your credit cards.
  • Xbox Live Price hike.
  • Geek Tech Live and Shiny Lines? Geek Tech Meets Geek Jewelry.

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RFID keys being rolled out at a hotel near you!

Going to Vegas soon? Staying at ARIA in the city center? You are going to love this, Las Vegas is always known to push the limits of excess. Always going bigger, brighter.. well you know the drill. This  time what is happening in Vegas isn’t staying in Vegas.  The ARIA resort at City Center Las Vegas is now using RFID technology to power its room keys. From the press release:

That is why CityCenter in Las Vegas took action to make ARIA at CityCenter one of the first Las Vegas resorts to install an RFID guest room locking system with benefits that go far beyond eliminating keycard complaints.

The new RFID system at CityCenter’s ARIA Resort & Casino, Vdara Hotel and Spa and Mandarin Oriental, Las Vegas is part of the most advanced guestroom technology project in the world. All of the nearly 6,000 guest rooms and suites at CityCenter incorporate hotel door locks using RFID technology, which enables guests to unlock the door by flashing their key over a lock reader. Unlike mag-stripe keys, an RFID key cannot be demagnetized by cell phones or other articles in a guest’s pocket or purse and there is no need to move the key in and out of a slot.
When a guest unlocks his or her room at a CityCenter location, the Saflok RFID system communicates with a wireless network of technologies within the room. CityCenter collaborated with Control4 Corporation to develop an unsurpassed level of personalized guest automation. When a guest first opens their door Saflok sends a message via a Zigbee mesh wireless network to the Control4 in-room controller, which activates a ‘welcome theme’ if it is the guest’s first time in the room. Lights come up; curtains automatically part to showcase the spectacular mountain and city views, and the TV displays controls for guests to personalize.

Pretty cool stuff! Read the whole press release from .

Batman or Robin High top kicks. Order yours now.

I am sure you have seen some comic book inspired sneakers in the past. Usually, the really great designs never even make it to the store shelves. This time its different though. The price isn’t for the faint of heart and probably is only for the most most hardy of Batman fans. at 500 pounds they don’t come cheap for us Yanks either. There are the retro Batman sneakers and also a retro Robin pair as well.  These wonderously awesome designs are brought to you by Brass Monki.

If you are in the buying mood or just have enough room on your credit card you can buy them at

Xbox Live Price hike.

So, I was thinking of what my Third topic for todays podcast was going to be and Microsoft wrote it for me. I opened my email and lo and behold I find that XBL has decided to raise their prices? in this world of discounts and rebates to keep customers I do find it a bit surprising that the powers that be at XBL decided to need more of my money. Granted the 1 year subscription price went up by only ten dollars to $59.00 but really? I used to use that excuse to say how reasonable the price for gaming was. Now the price is just o.k.. so what do you think of this price hike? Read all about it on

Geek Tech Live and Shiny Lines? Geek Tech Meets Geek Awesomeness.

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