Geek Tech Live 97 1TB TARDIS, Loud Prius and for Sale

This is Chris your host and Welcome again to Geek Tech Live “Getting My Geek on for 37 Years”

In this episode :

  • How much room is in a TARDIS? about a Terrabyte.
  • The Prius gets louder
  • GoDaddy is up for sale. Everyone pitch in a buck. Lets buy this puppy.

Grab some Coffee and turn up the volume! Its time for Geek Tech Live!

How much room is in a TARDIS? about a Terrabyte.

I found this while surfing though EnGadget. A guy named Max Shanly Took a Toy Tardis and jammed a 1 TB hard drive into it and then plugged it into his Mac. now he really does have a Time Machine! His twitter account looks like he only has 10 followers. I think we can all help that out a bit?

Check out Engadget for the whole article and all the images.

The Prius gets louder.

If you have ever been near a Prius as its motoring along in a city you probably did not even know it was there until it was right next to you.Well, as green as they are, they aren’t that safe for not running into people. So, in Japan right now you can buy a speaker system that get installed under the front grille and will emit a  ‘buzz’ similar to a car engine.  Im not so sure about you but my car’s engine doesnt “buzz” . Anyway, here is the link and more information.  from and

The 12,600 yen ($148) speaker system that goes under the hood of the third-generation Prius sets off a whirring sound designed to be about the same noise level as a regular car engine so that it isn’t annoying, Toyota Motor Corp. said

GoDaddy is up for sale. Everyone pitch in a buck. Lets buy this puppy.

That’s right you heard me the Monolithic grand daddy of Registrars is up for sale.  in a WSJ article a third party named Qatalyst Partners will shop the company around to some Venture capital firms.

Qatalyst Partners, the boutique firm run by veteran technology banker Frank Quattrone, has been hired to shop the Go Daddy Group Inc., which runs the world’s largest domain name registrar, these people said. Private-equity firms are expected to bid for the company, which currently has more than 43 million domains under management.

Read all the Gory Details at  the WSJ article I linked to above.

What does this mean for people who are hosting at Godaddy? Well, things shouldn’t change much. And if things would change, it will take a while to get a buyer.

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