Geek Tech Live 100 Aperture watch, Xbox Live on Windows 7 phones and One Hub to rule them all

This is Chris your host and Welcome again to Geek Tech Live “I’m 100 today!”

In this episode :

  • Welcome to the 100th Episode
  • It’s almost F11 do you know where your children are?
  • Xbox Live for Windows 7 Phones. Pew… Pew… Jump on mobile soon.
  • One hub To Rule them All! 24 Ports that is!

Don’t Get your Geek Soap all in a lather! Its time for Geek Tech Live!

Welcome to the 100th Episode

Well, its been a long a circuitous route to get me here to my 100th episode. I would like to thank a few people that have really helped me to refine my show up to now such as Drew Bergmark, Steven Molen and Jeff McCord. Also, In the past few Episodes I have branched out and done some awesome interviews! I would again like to thank Beau Ryan, Leo Camacho, Natali of UberdorkCafe Fame and Raychul Moore for spending time with me to talk about the things they like and chat about geeky subjects and great ideas.

It’s almost F11 do you know where your children are?

The only way this watch could be more cool is if it WAS made by Aperture Labs. I found this on and had to share. I love Photography and this watch is for anyone that is a photography buff. the Watch shows time but in F Stops and the dial is made out to look like the aperture on a lens of a camera. Its not a Rolex but it still will look top notch on your wrist and its a lot cheaper than a Rolex too! At $35.95 its a steal! Some info from the page on

Remember F-stops? Real apertures? A great photography-inspired watch. Measure time by aperture. It’s almost F11 do you know where your children are? It’ll warp your mind!

Order it now at The today!

Xbox Live for Windows 7 Phones. Pew… Pew… Jump on mobile soon?

The Release of the New Windows 7 Phone brings a lot of new features. One Feature that raises the bar is the Xbox live support baked right in to the new Windows 7 phone OS Games Hub. Right now, the games hub is definitely way cooler than Apples Game Center if you ask me and I like my Iphone. Being able to jump on Xbox Live and Check your Gamertag info or play need for speed or the Sims 3 all while unlocking achievements and taunting your XBL friends is the Awesome sauce that puts the Windows 7 Phone ahead of the Iphone for integration of Gaming peripherals. for more information check out the Windows 7 Phone launch page on here.

One hub To Rule them All! 24 Ports that is!

I was cruising the Internet and happened across and the new “One Ring” of USB Hubs.  I’m not kidding either its basically shaped like a hockey puck with two USB ports all around the outside and a few in the middle as well. The only way you can add more ports is to make the USB Hub out of USB ports. sells a 16 Port powered hub that I thought was cool and a bit more than I needed. Now they upped the ante with a whopping 24 port hub. You can now daisy chain up to … get this… 127 USB devices. it can be powered via your computer or an external power supply. What would one pay for so many USB ports? $49.99 thats all. Head on over to to read more and grab one for yourself! Your PC will thank you.

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