Geek Tech Live 99 My Halo Reach review, Help out UberDorkCafe with a shirt, five more years for ComicCon

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  • Halo : Reach My review thus far
  • Comic-Con To Stay In San Diego!

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Halo : Reach My editorial review thus far

In episode 98 I gave you a sort of pre pre view of my thoughts on Halo Reach initially. Well, I have been playing multiplayer and the campaign for a few weeks so far and I have to say it brings the fun in waves of frustration that makes you keep playing and playing and playing. I can now say, if you liked any of the Halo Games so far you are going to like this game.  Visually the game is gorgeous, the cut scenes the game itself everything so far. Gameplay can take some getting used to. I still cannot for the life of me pilot any flying craft. steering the warthogs for me are also a bit of a task. For whatever reason, the commands I tell the flying craft especially I cant get my mind to figure out spatially.  I’m an inverted control stick person when it comes to flying any kind of air craft. If i pull back on the stick i want to go up push forward and I go down. Well,  the dual stick look to fly and second stick yoke just keeps throwing me. Overall the Game is a great keeper with a lot of replay if you ask me.  I will go to CoD Black ops eventually but Halo Reach will continue to allow me to burn countless hours of my time when I am not putting together Podcasts for you.

@UberDorkCafe needs your love. Buy cookies and support @UberdorkGirlie

This world is made up of lots of people … lots of different people and that is cool. Some people are entertainers, some people create great works of art, some create Podcasts and Others… the truly awesome Others can think of things noone else has and then act on them. UberDorkGirlie a.k.a Natali is one of those others. She came up with the idea for a cafe. Not just any cafe, an uber Cafe. Ok, an Uber Dork cafe.  You can help her raise the rest of the cash she needs to get this idea into the stratosphere of awesomeness. This Geektacular cafe will be a haven for all Geeks, Dorks, dweebs, Nerds and anyone else who loves general geekery. Uberdorkcafe will give back to the community in many different ways as well. From featuring local artists to scholarships for needy children Uberdorkcafe has the makings of a great idea. Great Ideas though need help to nurture and get the word out. That is where we come in. Natali is selling UberDorkCafe Shirts at . Buy one, Buy Ten! each shirt goes a long way to help Natali get the Cafe off the ground as well as let everyone know you support the cause.  So, you may ask, why am I pimping this idea so much? First off I think its a great idea I mean c’mon UberDorkCafe its just a great name and a great concept. Second, the first location is going to be in my backyard in Milwaukee so I got that going for me. Third, after talking to Natali in Geek Tech Live 89  which you can listen to here I just was inspired to tell the world about UberDorkCafe by her tenacity and good heartedness. Everyone, Lets not forget that we as geeks,nerds,dorks and whatnot need to stand behind this great idea! go to and buy cookies or find out how to donate to get Uberdorkcafe on its way to becoming bigger than Starbucks but with more UberDorkyness

Comic-Con To Stay In San Diego!

I will admit it I was worried. It could have happened. Comic Con 2011 could have been the last Con in San Diego but as you all may have heard at least a zillon times now,  It’s not going anywhere. Shout as loud as you can Five More Years! Five More Years! There is a bunch of postings out there on the net about it. My favorite is a article mostly since its more of a look from the city itself.  The Google search for “comic con staying in Sandiego” turns up a huge amount of results. I am really glad it is staying. The alternatives were going to be Las Vegas, LA, or I even heard Anaheim. I think San Diego is the best spot for it and I hope it renews the contract again in 5 years with San Diego. If it takes a petition then I think we are all able to pitch in. But at least we can all have fun experiencing Comic Con in San Diego for Five More Years! I am going next year. Are you?

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