Geek Tech Live 103 Call of Duty Black Ops and Luxury Lane Geek Soap

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In this episode :

  • Call of Duty : Black Ops review.
  • Clean your Nerd with Luxury Lane Soap

Roger that! I’m on your six! Its time for Geek Tech Live!

Call of Duty Black Ops review.

Ok, I… like the rest of you guys bought COD Black Ops the day it came out. I have all the previous COD’s and I have been seeing the Trailers and was hoping that the game would live up to the hype. the typical Game Day issues were there but in much smaller numbers. I had some issues getting into games or getting kicked out of games with friends. I decided to chalk it up to release day bugs. Well, now that it has been a few days i can confirm. The release day bugs that were plaguing me are gone. I have still have some game starting issues where I get kicked out of a multiplayer session but they are becoming very infrequent.

As far as the In game mechanics go, I love the fact you need to buy the equipment as you go. even down to the perks and attachments to the weapons. I think this alone will slow the rise thru the ranks of the people who did Prestige 3 times and then got bored with the game. As of 3 days ago to this recording, there were under 60,000 out of millions who made prestige mode. It even costs you there as Prestige Mode will require COD dollars to unlock the fact you start all over again.  Shooting and responsiveness is great, just watch out for the dork with the 56k Modem who is the game host as they will eventually make you wait and watch the lag climb. It only happened to me 3 times so far but it was very annoying.

Seeing as I work in I.T. by day I must say the amount of data being captured during game play is huge. You can view your player card from the main screen in multiplayer and page thru everything from the last 5 games Kill / Death Ratio’s to a heat map of where you are focusing your shots. My aim tends to be er um… in the groinal region so er uh, sorry ahead of time for that shot dude.

The customization options that are available to you flat out eclipse the previous games. Everything seems to be able to be manipulated and all for a price.

The maps are a joy to play, there is even one with a fully functional rocket actually lifts off in game. (I got killed at least 10 times watching that cinematic wonder) .  All the Maps though, have some element of surprise or special feature. I did get the feeling the maps are larger and they feel more thought out and well designed.  There are some nice hiding spots but they are put in places where you would expect then to be and that make anti-campers happy ducks.

One last thing, you get 6 slots to save and replay and also share clips from the games you played recently as well as just replay games to see where you went wrong. Normally, I find these areas of games to be clunky and really have very little to offer. I was very impressed with the ease of use in COD : Black Ops. I created a clip of me and a buddy and combined them into a cool little movie that I then shared. It was awesome.

Geek Tech Live gives Call of Duty : Black Ops a 4.5 out of 5.

Clean your Nerd with Luxury Lane Soap

And now on to something completely different but just as cool. To be fair I will be reviewing a few different lines of geek soap and the first one is owned and operated by Kylee Lane or @kyleelane on the Twitter. So, You may ask, how does someone as rough and tumble as me end up talking about Soap? Other than the fact I am definitely not rough nor tumble? I think most people want to smell good or at least want to think they do. If you take that basic feeling and stir in some nerdy-geekness (patent pending) you geek a whole lot of Geek soap. So after I found Kylee online and chatted with her on the Twitter I decided to try this stuff out.  I bought the following soaps from (all names of soaps are from and are owned by the awesome Kylee, i for one am not as talented a wordsmith as she is):

Also got the Sugarcane and hemp scented organic soap which i could not find on the site anymore. I got the organic soap since i had a feeling I was not going to want to use the carbonite soap and possibly the deceptively soap either. I should have bought two of them since both the soap in carbonite and deceptively soap are frankly amazing. They look more like works of art than soap so for me its harder to justify actually using the ones I bought. That brings me to the Sugar Cane and Hemp soap. That one I have been using for a while now. I am a knowledge worker by Day (read Nerdy/Geeky I.T. Guy) so I am very aware of my hands and keeping them soft. The organic soap is so wonderful the scent of it while washing my hands keeps me coming back again and again. It lasts for a long time even with me washing my hands just to get a whiff of the scent. And yes I am a guy and yes this is sorta girly talk but still, between the scents that are available and the range of Geeky and Nerdy designs (Check out the NES controller soap! its crazy epic!) outside of the normal Organic Soaps I am very impressed. Kylee, you made me a repeat customer, now the rest of you, go become repeat customers of .

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