Geek Tech Live 104 Black Friday Deals, TjMaxx Ipads and F.lux saves your eyes.

This is Chris your host and Welcome again to Geek Tech Live its the “Black Friday Prep Episode!”

In this episode :

  • Leaks Every Major Black Friday Sale.
  • TJMaxx Undersells the Ipad.
  • F.lux saves your eyes while on your computer.

I’m in your wallets saving you Monies… Its time for Geek Tech Live! Leaks Every Major Black Friday Sale.

Yeah you heard me say Every Major Sale. Its all encompassing phrases like that that make me very suspect. I was very surprised that is based out of Milwaukee , my home town but I never heard of them until now.  Needless to say they do have a pretty good coverage of the Black Friday deals whether they are leaked by a real leak or “leaked” to drum up interest by the manufacturers is up to you. Either way you can expect to find some great deals at

To quote the press release:

This year the site has posted advance looks at the Black Friday ads from retailers such as Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Toys R Us, Sears, Kmart, Kohl’s and well over 40 other national and regional retailers and online commerce sites.

The Site is not just focused on the deals but also incorporates a forum where you can interact with other shoppers to find and confirm the deals being found.

again quoting the Press Release from GottaDeals Black Friday posting:

The site offers consumer-oriented tools including an e-mail alert system, where visitors can be notified every time a new Black Friday sale ad is posted. The site also features a complete history of Black Friday, a set of frequently asked questions, as well as a popular shopping list feature which allows visitors to create and save a list of items from all the various Black Friday ads. They can add or remove items as new ads are posted, add personal notes such as if the item is a gift, and print or send their list to family & friends.

So run don’t walk and check them out. you might save a buck or two in this race for savings we do every year.

TJMaxx Undersells the Ipad.

So I am sure you all heard of this bit of info that was shared by Twitter. It seems like TJMaxx has decided to sell iPads and to sell them for less than the normal price fixed regular Apple prices. I had thought there was some sort of mandated pricing structure forced on to any Apple retailer. Apple’s pricing mandates remind me of Saturn Car dealers with the No haggle guarantee. It doesn’t matter where you go you will always pay X for an apple product. That was true until now when TJMaxx just decided to price at what they thought was a fair price. That price was actually $100 bucks under the regular price.

F.lux saves your eyes on your computer.

Ever get up early or work late and think to yourself that your screen brightness seemed a bit harsh? Ever had issues sleeping after working or gaming on your computer? Science knows that our brains use the mental cues of light and dark to get us ready for sleep and that’s where F.lux comes in. F.lux get installed and finds your Lat and Lon. to get the sunrise and sunset for your area. then it asks you what type of lighting you use at night. from Tungsten to fluorescent lighting for choices and a few others. Once you set those two options your last decision is if you want the transition from day to night to be over 20 seconds or an hour. That’s it. After that F.lux sits and waits for sunset and then will gradually change the color temp of the screen to match your lighting. The sad thing is, It actually works. I have tried it now for a few days and I have to say that eye strain feels less at night and I really don’t notice that its even sitting in my task bar waiting for me. The best thing about F.lux? its free and available for Windows, Mac and Linux. Head over to and grab a copy for yourself.  I think you will definitely find it one of those hidden gems of free apps you cant live without.

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