Geek Tech Live 105 Xbox Avenger controller, Sonic Screwdriver Pen and The Playboy Archives

This is Chris your host and Welcome again to Geek Tech Live “Do Not back up, Major tire Damage”

In this episode :

  • Avenger Controller for your Xbox.
  • Sonic Screwdriver Pen
  • The Playboy Archives

Hey Ma! I’m on TV… Its time for Geek Tech Live!

Avenger Controller for your Xbox.

Alright, I am sure you have seen controller mods on the internet before. I have even seen some for sale that look like they might work but usually they are a bit clumsy looking or need some extra fingers to really make work. introducing The Avenger Controller. Inventions should be solutions for common issues. Some are better than others and some look fantastic but don’t really solve anything. I thought thie Avenger Controller was one of those. Over engineered and not applicable. I think I am wrong.  This “shell” that encases your Xbox 360 controller basically reroutes the buttons to be within millimeters of your touch. It also pre loads the buttons right to to actuation point. Think of it like giving your controller an espresso. It makes you that much faster on the trigger. With Christmas around the corner and the price set at only $60 bucks you really cant pass this one up. all the Major publications have given it rave reviews. Head on over to and pick one up. your Gamertag will thank you.

Sonic Screwdriver Pen

You all have seen the Doctor Who Sonic Screw Drivers you can buy that light up. You can even buy Sonic Screw Drivers that actually drives screws. But did you know you can also use a Sonic Screw Driver as a Pen? Well,  you can now thanks to the aptly named Sonic Screw Driver Pen from This replica of the 11th Doctors Screw driver will not open any locked doors but it will help you write that note to Mom, grocery lists and anything else that you can think to write down on paper. Its a metal bodied pen that has green and blue ink cartridges and only fetches a $25 dollar price tag. Not really that bad if you think of it. Pick yourselves up one of them now before they are all gone. I bet you know of at least a few Geeks on your Christmas list that would love to unwrap one of these this year.

The Playboy Archives

With the E-book craze in full bloom I can now quote Egon and Say “Print is dead”. The Ipad and nook and kindle can distribute any magazine in a much easier to read format. now, instead of following Egon’s hobbies and  collecting spores molds and fungus you can collect all 56 years of Playboy ahem.. articles on a 250GB hard drive in a collectible case. For you numbers geeks out there that is according to 650+ issues and over 100,000 pages all right in one place and digitally preserved in a typical Playboy styled case with the trademark Rabbit emblazoned everywhere. That’s every issue from 1953 through 2010 by the way.

The 250GB hard drive comes pre-loaded with searching software so you can find what you are looking for faster and easier as well. All 56 years of articles, interviews and airbrushing is only $299.00 . If you know someone who likes to read Playboy then this is the gift for them.  Pick it up right off at .

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