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Yes I’m old. Old enough to remember when the MCP was just a chess program!… Its time for Geek Tech Live!

Greetings Programs! I had the opportunity to see Tron : Legacy on premiere night at 12:01AM. I figured since I am a fan of the original Tron I should at least tell you my thoughts on this new addition. I gave it a day to think it over and organize my thoughts. I would like to point out that I am not a movie critic, I’m not up on the correct terminology for reviewing movies but I hope that my thoughts can help you decide if its a watch now or rent later for Tron :Legacy. So here are some ground rules. I am not going to give away spoilers, talk about each scene or go into any great detail that would spoil the overall effect of seeing the movie for yourself. So without further ado…. My review of Tron Legacy .

OK, so I will assume that you are probably interested in Tron Legacy because you are a fan or recently became a fan of the original Tron. That can be a good thing or a bad thing really. I am a big fan of Tron as are most Geeks or Nerds of my generation so I went into the movie with some preconceived notions. I wanted to find out when this was supposed to take place and what the Grid was going to look like since technology had made some huge leaps since the original Tron. The Trailers and all the Hype at San Diego Comic Con made the anticipation even more heightened. The net result? The movie is visually exceptional. It looks the way I always imagined the original Tron to look in my mind. Everything was just so fantastic to look at I did spend the whole movie taking in every little piece of architecture and design. This is a good thing since Battlestar Galactica got the technology refresh treatment and it really worked for them. Other Reboots did not fare as well but overall it definitely ends up being positive. I would love to see what Babylon 5 would look like now with an fresh injection of CGI work. but I digress…. back to what you came here for. more Tron Legacy review thoughts from yours truly.

A movie though cant live on just gorgeous graphics. I unfortunately was not that amazed by the storyline. If this was billed as what I call a “catch up” movie, where the story is meant to bring you up to date with things that happened and then set the stage for a sequel then it satisfied that goal. As a stand alone sequel it falls a bit short in some regards to me. In some ways there was that feeling of a rinse and repeat with the original Tron MCP being replaced by another antagonist and the same basic premise being laid out. I felt like there were too many sub plots for one movie to hold on to and do any justice to it. There was a feeling of a lack of depth from the story, almost like it was rushed or not developed fully. Both thoughts which are probably not correct as I don’t think it was rushed or that there were any massive plot changes made during filming. Alas that last thought is just conjecture as I don’t live in Hollywood or work in the film industry. Either way the story was just not that engaging to me. It became more of a passing of the torch movie similar to the Kirk Picard hand off of Star Trek Generations or the Indiana Jones hand off to the younger Indiana characters. That should not be too much of a surprise as the Movie was named “legacy” after all.

Olivia Wilde’s character Quorra or as I kept thinking during the movie ‘number 13 with lights’ was jaw dropping gorgeous. Not only was she nice to look at she was also kick ass fighter and had some very awesome fight sequences. Jeff Bridges character took a while to warm back up to and the stuff set in the 80’s used heavy amounts of CG to make Mr Bridges look like the younger Flynn we all knew and loved. As far as the technology has come the CG work for Making the younger Flynn still looked fake to me. I think that was the beginning of where I started to become disconnected to the story. The CG work in some regards was fantastic and in others I could tell it wasn’t real and I could not suspend my disbelief. I was happy to see Daft Punk’s cameo in one scene of the movie.

All in all I think the movie itself was a long time coming. I think the anticipation of a Tron Sequel raised the bar almost too high for any reasonable movie to attain. I don’t think any Tron sequel was going to live up to my own level of anticipation. In the end, if you were hoping for a continuation of the original storyline you definitely  got that and lot more. The main story though lacks the depth you may have hoped for and the additional subplots seem to try to converge back but don’t always make the journey back to the main story in one piece. I am still very glad I went to see it and I will probably see it once more once it is released on Blu-Ray .

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