Black Magic Intensity Pro for Ustream. My answer?

As you all know I have slowly gotten actually well, Live on Ustream. I have been trying to find a way that I could stream a better feed from a better cam while not actually boxing myself in so to speak. I run both Mac and PC and if the show starts taking off I will be wanting to get a Mac Pro desktop tower for video editing and other stuff in addition to my PC and Macbook Pro I use currently for streaming and Podcast recording.

After a long journey looking at all the angles I think the Black Magic Intensity Pro PCIe card is my best option and probably yours too if you have or are thinking of getting a set up similar to me. Here is why. The card is Mac or PC compatible so i can pull it out and use it on either platform with no issues. beyond that, it seems the Black Magic Intensity Pro card will take any input and allow me to stream it flawlessly. It even has inputs for HDMI.

Why is that a cool thing? Well, like I said I did a bunch of research and looked at a lot of cameras. Traditionally a lot of people are using DV or miniDV camcorders like the Canon HV20 or HV30 or even the HV40. These work on the principle that your laptop or desktop will have a firewire port and you can hook the camera up to the firewire port, switch it to camera mode and you have a high quality webcam with great optics. Here is the downside, MiniDV Prosumer camcorders like the canon hv40 are being discontinued as the new wave of tech using HDMI or component and flash drives to record your video are dominating. The pro camcorders being introduced still can utilize Firewire but when the starting price is at 1k to 2k its a bit out of the picture for me for a show that I make zero cash on.

In comes HD as well to complicate matters. the HV20 through HV40 line from Canon can do HD and there are Pro cameras as well but for an even more crazy price. Streaming in HD to Ustream could just make things more complicated but I like the flexibility of being able to upgrade the stream without having to buy a new camcorder. Unfortunately that means that I am looking at the Canon HV40 as my best bet  if i want to stay Firewire, a expensive Pro camcorder for 2k+ or one of the new HDMI  Prosumer Camcorders with no Firewire.


The BlackMagic Design Intensity Pro actually is my holy grail so to speak. like I said it allows me to use any number of inputs composite, component and even HDMI in which will allow me to use a whole host of new camcorders. I can also still get any FireWire camcorder since my PC and Mac both have FireWire if I feel like it. Since I am not shelling out 1k for a new camcorder … yet. I think this PCIe capture card is the way to go for me. For $189 bucks you cant really argue with it. The price of the card and the cost of a new or even used camcorder will still be under 1k easily.

So do you have a BlackMagic Intensity Pro? If you do I would love to hear your input and I will make sure your posts make it into the Live broadcast at 9am Saturday Morning on Ustream.

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