Geek Tech Live 110 Boxee Box winner, BlackMagic Intensity, Verizon IPhone

In this episode, I announce the Boxee Box winner, talk about the BlackMagic Intensity Pro and Verizon Iphone. 

Hi everyone and welcome to Episode 110 of Geek Tech Live. I am still having some issues with the live feed and the Ustream broadcast ended up not streaming my audio when i was showing my desktop or pictures. I figured out what was wrong but unfortunately that means you are stuck with an audio only feed this week. You can if you want start playing the Ustream video and start the audio podcast to see if you can sync them up but its probably for the better if you just listen to the audio bradcast below. I will eventually knock the kinks out of the Ustream broadcast but until then you can always just use your ear holes. 

I have tried to fix the video in post by using the audio from the podcast overlay-ed on the video and if it all works I will attach the new video to this post. 

Without Further Ado  Episode 110 of Geek Tech Live! 

The winner of the Magical Boxee Box contest is Chris Miller! Congrats Chris! I will be emailing you shortly to set up shipping arraignments. 

MP3 of Podcast for SmartPhones 


Geek Tech Live Ep110 mp3 file 

video redub 

Geek Tech Live Ep110 video Dub 

Geek Tech Live Ep110 video Dub 


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