Geek Tech Live 109 Boxee Box Review and Giveaway

Hi all and Welcome to the Geek Tech Live review of the Boxee Box. Also find out about how you can win a Boxee Box from your truly. šŸ™‚

Without further Ado its time for Geek Tech Really Live!

I had some video streaming issues. Like I said in the broadcast, Even though this is episode 109 it is only episode 2 for the live broadcast and well, I am still working through some Ustream issues. the stream actually dropped in the middle of the show, I was able to recover but the audio and video seemed to still have some issues. I apologize for that and so you can listen to the uninterrupted audio portion if you like.

The Boxee Box Giveaway Contest: I will be running this like previous contests.Ā  Just leave a comment below on your thoughts on the show , if you like the video, things to improve, etc. and by leaving a comment you are entered into the drawing for the Boxee Box! I will announce the winner on the next show! to quote Smash TV ….”Good luck! You’ll need it!”

Audio (mp3 link for those on phones)


Part1, it does drop out a few times and does not play all the way through. sorry.

Part2 after I reconnected the stream. Better server connection.

24 Replies to “Geek Tech Live 109 Boxee Box Review and Giveaway”

  1. I completely understand the issues with UStream. Once you get all these worked out I’m sure the show will go smoother. Love the content. And would kill for the Boxee. So Please Please pick me!!!

    1. Thanks Jeremy! I always felt bad saying the word “Live” in Geek Tech Live. The initial thought was to do it this way just took a bit more work and some extra electronics to make it happen. Rest assured you are entered into the contest and right now you have a 1 in 3 chance of winning ( as of the writing of this reply)

  2. Show looks / sounds great. Audio is crystal clear. Review on the Boxee was very inclusive …count me in! I like the video addition. Keep up the innovation.

  3. I believe the one that got up this morning to watch the show live deserves the Boxee Box. Whoever that happened to be, lol. I definitely prefer the audio only version as I prefer to hear it on my smart phone, and video just makes it a little less convenient. However it looks good, and there are definitely times that seeing the guest or product would be nice. If you offered it both ways that would be ideal for me.

  4. Great show! The audio quality is really clear! I wouldn’t worry about the connection problem seeing as the quality of the show is still pretty good. Boxee sounds like a pretty neat device, perhaps even better than the apple tv.

  5. I’ll toss my name into that virtual hat! We have a Roku that we have been using to stream Netflix for about a year now. Boxee would be an awesome addition to our theater. Your video cast is looking great.

  6. Great review. I love independent comments about new products. I have been wanting one of these since I read about it last January.

  7. I have gone through that very issue at numerous events trying uStream Live. Unless you have no network glitches, great connectivity and uStream is also aligned with the planets, I get drops.

    I think doing the live part makes a difference, then record and add some editing in and you have it.

    I have run Boxee as an app but the device interests me

    1. Thanks for your comment about Ustream dropping.I think I may have gotten it a bit more stable by dialing back the upload speed for the stream. I get almost as good quality and I am not flooding the pipe so the speak. We will see on Ep 110 if I’m right. šŸ™‚

  8. Enjoyed the episode. Nicely done.

    I’d suggest maybe adding some light music here and there. Just to make the audio seem a little more “full”. I’m not sure if you’ve ever had guests on before, but conversations between yourself and guests may hold viewers attention, too.

    Also, enable full screen mode in your USTREAM video player. Just a small pet peeve šŸ™‚

    Just some thoughts.

  9. just watched this episode on the upstream lounge on my boxee box. Like you I’m not ready to give two thumbs up until I see netflix running on my box. However, I love that I can stream my substantial personal library (mostly 1080p movie files) without issue. This product has the potential to be “the” box in my house.

  10. Just watched the episode. Don’t currently have the boxee, but do have the apple tv. I think I would have to see how well the Netflix works on boxee before I could jump, it works great on the apple tv.

  11. Gotta say, the Boxee box looks like it would a good addition to all the things under my tv. Now just need Netflix…

  12. I’m a new listener, but am really enjoying the show so far. I appreciate relevant reviews on things like boxee, as I’m in the market for something to consolidate all my media onto my tv, as many of my friends are too. Keep up the good work:)

  13. Great videos. You touched on pretty much all questions I had. I know the contest is over but I just wanted to say thanks for putting so much time into this.

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