I have Gunnar Glasses, Gunnars are Cool

Coming soon to the show will be my review of [amazon_link id=”B001DUQU0A” target=”_blank” ]Gunnar Optiks Gamer Glasses[/amazon_link]. I was able to demo a pair of the [amazon_link id=”B001DUQU0A” target=”_blank” ]SheaDog style with Amber tint[/amazon_link] lenses and I am using them right now while writing this post. I am going to be testing them out over the course of the next week at work and home and of course Gaming with them. So far I have to say I am impressed. These Glasses initially just look like ordinary spectacles but if you start paging through the technology behind them you can see these arent just some ordinary sunglasses with a fancy schmancy name. If you don’t know about these yet well let me tell you a bit about them.

  • The GUNNAR Optiks line of digital performance eyewear helps to alleviate the effects of Computer Vision Syndrome resulting from prolonged viewing of digital monitors.
  • Eye fatigue and strain are common side effects of office workers, students and gamers who blink less and intensely stare at an artificial light source for long periods of time, an activity our eyes are not naturally meant to do. GUNNAR Optiks addresses this behavior.
  • Real Optical Lens – Designed and tested in partnership with Carl Zeiss Vision, the lens features a consistent geometry for proper light transmission, proprietary tints to filter harsh/artificial light, and materials that deliver an overall better visual experience.
  • Improved Light Transmission – The special lens tint keeps extraneous light out that our eyes are not made to view for long periods of time, reduces eye fatigue, and enhances visuals to minimize strain.
  • Fit/Comfort – Various frame styles, measurements and lens geometry allows the glasses to fit close to the eyes and help retain moisture. The eSport frames feature flat temples for comfortable use with headphones (not just for gaming, but even office workers who use headphones for music, calls, etc.).
What do the [amazon_link id=”B001DUSXJQ” target=”_blank” ]Gunnars[/amazon_link] come equiped with to do all this awesome eye mumbo jumbo? read on!

All GUNNAR eyewear is built on their patent pending i-AMP technology, comprised of the following elements

  • Fi lens coating – i-Fi multi-stage lens coatings filter transmitted light and protect the lens. The anti-reflective portion cuts down on distracting glare and extraneous light. A hydrophobic component keeps water spots to a minimum while an oleophobic coating protects from smudging and fingerprints. A final hard coat reduces environmental wear and minimizes scratching.
  • diAMIX lens material – diAMIX lens material offers an optically pure viewing experience enhanced by ultra light, ergonomic properties. Developed specifically to hold the tightest tolerances in precision optics, this advanced polymer provides the best in visibility, flexibility, and durability.
  • fRACTAL lens geometry – Designed using advanced computer algorithms, fRACTYL lens geometry mimics nature by focusing light. The highly wrapped configuration creates an ocular microclimate trapping in humidity and blocking out evaporative air currents.
  • iONik lens tint – Using advanced spectrophotometry, GUNNAR’s lab technicians have the ability to study and analyze even the most complex lighting environments.  Each part of the visible and invisible light spectrum can be measured and quantified.  To balance and optimize certain lighting environments for the needs of the human eye, the GUNNAR lab technicians then use a combination of iONik lens tints and i-FI coatings.  At any particular wavelength, they can amplify or attenuate the amount of energy allowed to pass to the eye, maximizing the total visual performance possible and engineering the light transmission profile to specific end-use applications.

and they look good too!
not only all that but I really think these glasses make things look crisper, sharper, more defined, contrastaliscious. However you want to say it Gunnars make the world look better. And make my eyes not hurt after a long day and then long night in front of a computer screen or TV.

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