Lamentations of a Podacast Video Star

My continuing quest for getting the show into video has made a turn and I would like to tell you a little bit about where we are and where we are  (hopefully) going. I would like to think that hopefully things are looking better. I have tried so many different work-flows to be able to record the show as video AND not lose the audio portion that I was starting to get nuts, N.. V…T…S…. NUTS!

I am suspending the UStream broadcast until I can figure out the correct stream size. I have tweaked and re-tweaked and was able to get the video to not drop but then the audio stream was horrible. I am going to continue to work on it as I have invested time an money into getting it. There is just not enough time in the week to devote 100% effort to getting the stream to where I want it.

I have tested a few other options for the video feed for . I have tried at least 5 different camera ideas, a multitude of encoding options and in the end I think I will go back to my tried and true [amazon_link id=”B002NEGTU6″ target=”_blank” ]Canon 7D[/amazon_link] for the video. This means that I will have to sync up the audio portion with the video but  after all this tweaking I have made some significant breakthroughs in my ability to get that working correctly.

Also, since I am going to be adding a video option I was in need of a Content Delivery Network (CDN) . It only makes sense that since the podcast is hosted at that I also put the Video there as well. This decision is even easier to make seeing that they will push the content out to their CDN’s and I get to benefit from their very resilient network. Win win all around if you ask me.  I am a signed Producer at and I really like hosting my show there. Couple that with the price ( FREE ) and I really cant argue at all

In the end I hope that you are liking the changes I am making to the show and site. So far the responses have been favorable, so I am inclined to think I am making moves in the right direction.

Please comment below and let me know your thoughts.