HP TouchSmart 610 reclining PC

Touch screen computers can be awkward to use. pressing on a vertical surface is not always easy to do especially if the machine is meant for home use. In comes the HP TouchSmart 610 reclining PC.

The computer features a 23-inch 1080p HD display and multitouch technology. However, since as I said above that touching or tapping a screen that’s upright can be awkward the screen features a recline that can dip to a 60-degree angle. I wonder how well it works with [amazon_link id=”B002I0HKIU” target=”_blank” ]World of Warcraft[/amazon_link]?

Either Way, have we now seen a change in technology that could make home touchscreen computers more prevalent? will this new TouchSmart 610 eliminate mouse and keyboards? We ill have to wait and see.