Moved Podcast to new Room

I have now finished the migration of the Podcast from a larger open room to a more practical room with a door. As you can see from Episode 111 I also have started to do a Video show in conjunction with the Audio Podcast aptly named Geek Tech Live TV.  It will be found on the same site as for now and probably will not move from there.

I hope you all like the video show and the set I designed. It doubles as my home office but it is jam packed with all my Geeky and Nerdy items I have picked up over the years. The Technology I am using to record is still changing but as of this writing I am trying to use my Canon 7D as the video camera, and doing all the editing in Final Cut Express.  I upgraded my microphone from a MXL 990 to a Heil PR40 just like The Grand and Illustrious Leo Laporte uses.  I record Audio and Video Separately and sync them up in Final Cut after the fact.  So far things are working out.