Review of the Rokinon 8mm fisheye lens

I have returned from a well deserved vacation to the Colorado Rocky Mountains and arrive bringing news of a fantastic budget priced camera lens.
If you own a DSLR or want to own a DSLR you know they don’t come cheap. Go to any review site like DPReviews or a reseller like Amazon or even B&H and you get instant sticker shock. Couple that with the fact that lenses add even more cost and you can talk yourself out of a purchase very quick.
After doing some research and looking on Flickr for photos using fish eye lenses I noticed a group dedicated to an unknown to me lens. It was made by a company calling itself Samyang and was resold under a bunch of names one if them being Rokinon.
The images I saw coming out of that lens were crisp and clear and frankly stunning. I then based my suspicion of how nice the images were on the price tag I was going to find and subsequently not be buying or having to “save up” for the new lens. Boy was I wrong.

I found the Rokinon 8mm lens  [amazon_enhanced asin=”B002LTXQUE” /]  on Amazon for, get this…. Under 300 bucks shiped to my door! Check out the above link to Amazon. If you are in the market for this lens I urge you to buy using my link above as I am an affiliate seller and you are helping me out by purchasing anything through using the widgets I am providing you with. Other than the Affiliate link I provided I am not getting paid to sell this lens or making any money off of it. It is just a very good lens for a very cheap price.

The downside:

There always is a downside. in the Case of the Rokinon 8mm lens there is a bit of loss of crispness in the image at any aperture lower than F8.  It is definitely suited though to wide sweeping landscape shots. If you don’t believe me, check out some of my own shots at more specifically the Collection of shots from the Badlands in South Dakota at

Check out that lens and my pictures. I hope you get one and have as much fun with the lens as I am having.

Talk to you soon!