AT&T and TMobile good or bad?

I was just giving a buddy of mine a few jabs about how his Tmobile Android phone is no longer going to be Tmo but will be sucked into the living Vortex that is AT&T. He stated he would rather pay for Verizon than go to AT&T. I can see his point up to a point though. I don’t love AT&T, I like them since at the time I switched from my Blackberry Curve to my iphone I did not have any choice in carrier. iphone equals AT&T in the olde world. now with Verizon jumping into the fray we have more choice but Although Verizon has better coverage (in my opinion) you WILL pay dearly for that coverage. To me AT&T is a decent middle ground that will continue to stay as part of my monthly bill since recently I also signed up for Uverse. I did this because once again I have very crappy support and connection speeds for my Road Runner “high speed” cable modem access.
So shoudl you worry about this merger? probably not. Tmo customers will make out with a much larger and expansive coverage area but still you WILL pay for that by having to say you are now an AT&T customer.

so, what do you think? is this really as big a deal to you as it is to everyone else?