New Podcasts Coming up Jan 1st…. I know you cant wait.

Howdy Everyone. It has been a few months since my last podcast. I am sorry but until I can do this gig full time the demands of my day job dictate the frequency of the show. Recently, I changed jobs and moved to a new company with some very cool aspirations. It is a smaller start up company that does Pharmaceutical auditing and I am in charge of the IT/Infrastructure department. I did want to post here though to say I have not forgotten you all. I am not leaving either. I will be coming back with a vengeance in the coming new year.

Some new things I have been doing since I am not posting Podcasts is that I will be standardizing on using Youtube as my hosting provider for embedding video. Also, updating the Itunes icons for the show and some other tweaks I hope you all like. You tube allows me to monetize my show a bit to give you all great deals like my Amazon Store and by clicking on them you are actively helping me keep this show on the air. For that I thank you all very much!

So happy Turkey Day, Merry Holiday Season and Happy New Year! You will all see me in the next episode of Geek Tech Live in a little over a Month!