Happy New year 2012

Hello everyone out in the Internet hinterlands! Welcome to 2012 and a whole new year of podcasts from yours truly. The very first episode of 2012 will be coming to you on Monday of this year where we will be talking about the BookBook 13″ laptop case. Followed up by an episode talking about mini moo cards. We have a literal metric ton of things to talk about that are either geeky or nerdy and I hope you will spend some time with me as we talk about them all.

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For 2012 I have continued my partnership with Emusic.com for free mp3 music for you all. I am also launching a trial partnership with Hover.com for savings on Domain registrations. I am also working on some other partnerships to say thank you to all of you avid listeners. I could not have broken 110k downloads of the show without you!

Here’s to a very Happy Geeky and Nerdy New Year to you all!

Creator and Host Geektechlive.com