Decision collision. How I decided on a e-reader.

I recently decided to reluctantly dive into the e-reader arena and bought a kindle fire. I have fought this urge for a while now.  I am a certified hardcover reader and felt I could not deal without the pleasing heft and feel only a “real” book could afford me. For some reason I could easily discard buying a Cd and focus on mp3 with no issues. I could stop buying movies and use netflix or Hulu without feeling a tinge of guilt. Not books though. Or even comics.  There is something very primally satisfying about holding and reading a book to me.
Unfortunately,  since I also cannot bring myself to sell any of my books once read, I have an extensive collection of hardcover books that are taking up a good portion of my basement bookcases. I spent from the time the kindle Fire was released until now to crunch the numbers and for me, the Fire wins. You might be thinking that I decided on the kindle fire because of its apps or Aneroid underpinnings. Its not even because the majority of my friends have Kindles, although that did help when weighing my decision.

I will share with you what won me over.
1. It fits in my overly large bear claw hands with ease.
2. It has a nicer to navigate screen. (Albeit not always smooth)
3. It feels the most “book like” in my bear claw hands.
4. Most importantly, it has the books and magazines I want to read.

That’s about it really. It just took me this long to compare and contrast features and usability for me. I still long for the heft of a paper book, but I am enjoying the ability to carry thousands of books in less space than a pad of paper. And if you are wondering, we own an ipad and yes it has a kindle app. The ipad is too big to hold in one hand and just ….. read. The other e-readers definitely beat it there which is the last real reason I chose the Kindle Fire.

Hopefully this window into my decision process can help you decide which e-reader is right for you if you are on the fence. 

Talk to you all soon in the next episode of Geek Tech Live!