Stitcher Radio, BMW Apps, Android and Nook!

Geek Tech Live is proud to be syndicated by Stitcher Radio. Now found on Android devices, Nook’s and BMW Apps Integration! Listen to your favorite Geek anywhere cuz I AM everywhere! Now lets find out all the cool new Stuff Stitcher Radio is rolling out for your ear holes! Btw, Stitcher is already available on the web, Iphones, WebOS, and A whole slew of Android devices. There is really no reason you aren’t listening to me if you can watch my Geekness.

Stitcher on BMW, Android tablets & Nook!

At Stitcher, we’re busy building great features, expanding to new platforms and growing awareness. Their goal is to create a great listening experience. Here are a few recent updates from Stitcher:

BMW Integration

At this year’s SXSW, the BMW Group announced that Stitcher will be compatible on all vehicles equipped with BMW Apps and MINI Connected technologies. This great news means Geek Tech Live ( and hundreds of less Geeky shows)  will be available directly on the dashboards of Ford, GM, BMW and MINI vehicles. Stay tuned for more Stitcher automotive partnership news coming soon.

Stitcher is available on The Nook & Optimized for Android Tablets!

The Stitcher app is now available on the Barnes & Noble Nook, which has already sold over 6 million units. You can download Stitcher on your Nook and Listen to Yours Truly!  Stitcher also released landscape view on Android phones and tablets. A better Stitcher experience on your tablet, with improved viewing at any angle!

Well, that is some fantastic news! So go over to