Happy Holidays and a Thank You from GeekTechLive

As this is the Holiday weekend and everyone will be traveling to and fro (not sure where fro is but I hear its nice) . I wanted to take this opportunity since I wont be uploading a video today to say how grateful I am to all the listeners and *gasp* could I even call you all “fans” of the series. I love gadgets and technology and its one reason why I work in a tech field as well as produce these videos to share. I hope I have helped you learn about new gadgets and make sound decisions about products because I have had a blast doing it. I could not however be as successful as I currently am without each and every one of you. Thank you for your continued support by sharing, tweeting,”liking” and stuff. I really appreciate it! You guys are the best fans EVER! As we round out 2012 you are going to love what I have planned for 2013.

Until the next upload,

Chris, Head Geek of Tech who is Live