Polaroid Socialmatic unveiled at CES 2014

Everyone remembers Polaroid cameras. Unfortunately to get your hands on a vintage one is a very costly affair. The Polaroids you can buy at consumer prices are strictly an analog only device, which is fine unless you want to also share those analog photos with your social networks.  This is where the socialmatic comes in. It runs an Android™-based  OS and will  let you connect with your favorite social media apps to share your photos AND print them out!

You will be able to print 2″x3″ photos instantly on a proprietary ink-free paper called  ZINK® for Zero Ink® printing technology. the Photos are smudge-proof and water resistant so they will last a lifetime.

Specs are  limited at this point but the basics are:
  • 14 megapixel front or 2 megapixel rear camera.
  •  Android™-based OS with a 4.5” touchscreen LCD display for easy navigation.
  •  Built in Wi-Fi lets you share to social media in an instant, just like a polaroid

Read more about them on Polaroids website for the Socialmatic